Thursday, June 14, 2012

KGOne Dead Air; Krukow Re-Charges the Battery; Fogheads Rejoice; 415 Media Thursday Media Darts

* Hour One from 9-Noon Thursday: host talked a lot. Couldn't hear callers. And most of the callers that made it on the air had crappy cell phones making most inaudible.

Lots of dead air. Especially between the twenty minutes of spots and Sweetjack crap.

The host was catatonic too, uber-morose. Oh, they had an excuse: they finally moved the king into his new throne on Hawthorne.

Curiously, the mattress ads with the live read were flawless. Go figure.

*The timing award to Giants TV color analyst, Mike Krukow who decided to take off the Houston Astros series to recharge the battery. He missed something last night.

*Libel? Seriously, why stop there, hell, shoot for the stars.

*Fogheads: congratulations on making it happen and further eroding the notion that blogs aren't worth a damn. Oh really?

*Bragging rights: hell yes this place matters.

*Hotter than a Pacific Heights call girl in SF Thursday: a helicopter and US Open parking pass.

*Krukow's mulling the golf vacation the first week of October too.

*Someone tweeted me about the M and M frat boys on Knibber's morning pet zoo talking nearly four hours about the Matt Cain show last night. Good, it beats the hell out of the soundboard guy and the redneck's take on US foreign policy.

*Radio mafia: KGO, KSFO, KFOG, KNBR, THE BONE: Consolidation Gitmo at 55 Hawthorne.

*Her highness at 1001 Van Ness is positively pissing off the veterans and some newby she's truly fearful of--maybe it's time to have another meeting.

*If I get sued, I'm calling the People's lawyer. Proud sponsor of the new show, "7Live Audience."

*Dennis Constantine: If he survives the month, he's safe. I think.

*Paul Hosely: Why so nervous? Oh, right.

*John Dickey: How was the pasta at Mona Lisa?

*I'm negotiating with a major cable outlet on my new show: "Not a genuine Jewish blogger."

*Henry Tannenbaum at KRON? he gone!

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  1. Hank gone? KRON didn't even give him a nice tribute send off for decades of service?
    I'm going to have watch the appliance selling show this weekend to see who is taking his place. Is it the blond guy with the 70's hair-do?

    I saw Vikie doing some wine infomercial..a skirt that was as short as a tennis skirt. I know more about wine then I needed to know.

    1. Vicki did the Two-Minute Car Review the other morning. She was wearing a short white dress and at one point she was literally posing, leaning up against the side of the car, letting the camera slowly pan up her body from her bare legs and red pointed heels.

      I don't remember what kind of car it was.

    2. Vicki sounds luscious. If anyone has a link to the car video please provide it.

  2. KGO was beyond bad this morning. Ronn sounded like he had his soul sucked out of him.

  3. RIP Ronn, the air checks will go forever, maybe....

  4. I actually thought it was pretty entertaining.

  5. Henry,Like Ralph should have told KRON he has a disablying disease-John Water'sson disease. It causes men to grow those hideous pencil mustaches that freak people out and makes the sufferer an outcast of society.
    And Henry unlike Ralph, will show up on time...

  6. Rich wrote: '*I'm negotiating with a major cable outlet on my new show: "Not a genuine Jewish blogger.""

    Classic! Outloud Chuckle. 10 points.

    Something the McTalk Matress Man could never joke about, despite or because of (??) his often across-the-board Jewish guests, and Jewish buddies who followed him at 12, 1, and 2. ... Nothing against my Jewish brothers, but when the "Voice of reason" whines about racism 24/7, and then has the diversity of Christmas Story, circa 1945 ... Pa-lease!!

    1. Agree! It has be Rich's best line in a while. As to Ronnnnnnnnn I was onto him when he basically took every Tom Friedman position on global issues and ran with it. Talk about a lack of intellectual horsepower. Ronnnn would read Friedman's columns and quote them verbatum. Weeeaaaaak!!!

  7. P.S. A few days prior, they ran the same spot (commercial), back-to-back.


  8. Since this move has been in the works for months, why is it that they didn't have their systems up and running? I mean, this location has been a broadcast center for years, hasn't it? What needed to be done to be ready for KGO broadcasting from there today? Was it all new people handling the on-air tasks? Did the KGO people get fired? I don't get why it was so bad.

    1. Hey 6:49 the reason why "they didn't have their systems up and running"...because it's Cumulus. Everything is done on the cheap/last minute/terrible planning from Atlanta with virtually NO local input. Could have predicted it the day the announcement was made that they bought KGO/KSFO. The WORST company, by a landslide, in the new world of radio!!

  9. I guess we all hear things differently. Ronn sounded the same, not morose. They moved into the new building and had technical difficulties.
    What was weird was yesterday a.m. news about 6:50 when they announced that Dr. Edell's segment was next and instead they had a recording by Peter Finch. They never acknowledged that this happened. It was really annoying to me because I tuned in just to hear Dr. Edell.
    Also, anyone know if Lynn Jimenez is on vacation? She is not doing business reports during the a.m. news and they don't say that the other people are filling in for her. They are so lame.

    1. Agreed. This picky crap is ridiculous. Ronn did not sound morose. He was in professional, go-with-the-flow mode, on the first on air day in a new studio.

      Grow up.

      And, NO, I am not a Cumulus intern. I haven't worked in media for several years, and I despise Cumulus along with the rest of you.

  10. What happened to Pete's chair?

  11. I think a libel suit could be thoroughly interesting and informative, Rich. Just think of all the background dish that Ronn's lawyers would have to make public in court. It could make a really fascinating novel, Vanity Fair segment, HBO movie. You could also do a legal defense fundraiser on various media websites and blogs, give speaking tours about your legal battle (local blogger vs. million dollar host), radio segments on KSCO and the like about your tribulations. The possibilites are endless!!!

  12. Gotta give Kuiper and Miller and the technical TV crew (Jim Lynch,
    Jeff Kuiper and their folks) lots of credit for a terrific show
    Wednesday night at the ballpark in the city. Matt Cain pitched the most dominant game in the Giants' long franchise history, and they hit a 'home run' with their coverage of the sights and sounds of an incredible night at the park.

    Having been to four no-hitters myself over the years, I felt badly about missing this special game, but watching the drama on TV was almost as much fun. It was also nice to see how most of the 42,000 fans stayed for almost 20 minutes after the game, soaking up the aftermath of the event. And it was great to see Cain bask in the well deserved adoration of a special moment that will never be forgotten by bay area baseball fans. Cain has had his share of tough luck on the hill in recent years, but he was rewarded with the ultimate prize on this special night.