Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get a grip, NBC Bay Area! The John Kessler deal

Seems John Kessler created a "ruckus" at NBC Bay Area over his announcing his new gig.

Kessler, on his Facebook page, regretted his posting.

My reaction? Oh guys, give me a break. You're going to "reassess" Kessler's hiring. Really? You might as well reassess everything down there.

Hell, I'd reassess too. Have you seen your ratings?Can you guys read the room--get a grip and pay attention.

If you're going to castigate a new hire, don't mess with Kess. He's a good guy and he has a huge following. Women like him--men too. That usually adds up to bigger numbers and better demos--can you relate to that?

So, the other anchors were pissed? They haven't earned the right. Again, its not as if the numbers are great. Hell, that's the reason you went after Kessler and Wang to begin with, take that chip off your shoulder.

You're a major-market station acting like a CW affiliate in Tulsa. Get a life, for god's sake.

And don't renege on the Kessler deal.

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  1. Rich
    Kessler would be the only reason I'd watch NBC whatever they call themselves this week. It's a win for these pucks....


  2. They are going to re access Kessler's hiring? I might re access my viewing habits and keep on watching KPIX and KGO! DOH!


  3. Mr. Media, where do you get off claiming Kessler has 'a huge following'? Kessler is only huge in your head. If he had a 'huge' following, why were KPIX's morning numbers in the toilent and getting worse by the week? Huge numbers. What a joke. I do agree that changes need to be made. All morning newscasts in the bay area are the same. Lame. Same news, same format. Okay, KRON does more than others, but still nothing outside of the norm. Just more of the same. Do something different. That is how to succeed. Not with Kessler.

  4. Man it's amazing how Bay Area news channels can just implode. First KNTV. If Kessler loses whatever he was going to do because of this the KNTV folks who thought up this idea should all turn in their resignations for the good of the station.

  5. Rich, i love it when you tell it like it is. You wonder what idiot came up with that idea. Signed FORMER KNTV Meteorologist Mike Pechner during the GOOD days with Don hayward and Magi Scura I did summer relief for the late Bob Hulman in the late 70's and early 1980's when the ABC affiliate dominated the South Bay TV market.

  6. I am posting this again since is appears you did not post my previous comment.

    How do you claim Kessler has a 'huge' following? If he had such a 'huge' following the numbers at KPIX while he was there would not have been terrible. If he had such a 'huge' following he would still have a job. Mr. Media, Kessler is only 'huge' in your mind. Having a Facebook page dedicated to Kessler with a hundred or so fans does not constitute a 'huge' following and does not translate to viewers.

    The only way a morning news program will draw big numbers in this market is to do something different. All newscasts now look and feel the same. Nothing stands out and one anchor will not make it stand out. A complete overhaul of the content and presentation will.

  7. Ok, I get it... Bay Area TV is on the skids. Low ratings are the norm. But I have to agree with KNTV on this one. I"m guessing here but I"m sure they told Kessler "Don't say anything right now. Let us handle a few things. We'll tell you when it's ok to talk." And I"m guessing Kessler said "Ok, cool." If that's the case (Usually employers tell people to zip it for a bit) then NO ONE has a gripe. He shot himself in the foot if you ask me. Shows you what he knows... posting on FB is NOT a good idea.

  8. Looking at all the comments here, we have a lot of unemployed anchors still hanging around these parts...

  9. I know this does not belong here but I was embarrassed at Greg Papa's interview of Jerry West out on the Pation at AT&T park last night.

    Papa: You're 6'2 right?

    West: Know I am 6'4

    Papa stunned....matt Steinmetz to the rescue.

    Papa: Before signing off. Jerry you're 6'2 arent you?

    West: Again, No I am 6'4 with long arms.

    Papa: Oh Raymond (Ritter) told me you were 6'2.

    West: Not to be out done as they were going off the air...."no i am 6'4........"

    PAPA is terrible terrible terrible and last night he was pathetic.

    I wish I could tell you how I really feel.

  10. Rich--
    I do believe you owe the Tulsa CW affiliate an apology...for possibly slandering it by comparing it to KNTV.

  11. If Kessler loses this gig, it's on you Rich. Pure and simple.

  12. What a lame move.

    The local NBC station is a joke. Laura Garcia Cannon still thinks she's in a sorority, flipping her head and smiling and all. And that weather person, Christina, Puhleeeze. (Sorry Rich.) She's a joke too.

    Now, as I'm watching the Today Show, I now turn off the local NBC station and wait 5 minutes during the local news breaks.

  13. Glad to see you're not obsessing 731. Karma's gonna getcha soon.

  14. Laura Garcia Cannon seems as nice as can be. Even I havent seen or heard her say anything thats even slightest offensive. And being she isnt one of the golden godessess TV favors,her longevity is her talent.

  15. Laura is good people. She smiles everyday because she is a happy, nice person.... why do I read comments?

  16. Hello, everyone... The announcement via blog was a giant middle finger from Kessler to KPIX mgmt. He is still suffering from a bruised ego and used his blogger buddy to shove it in their face- a sort of " how do u like me now beeyotches..." unfortunately for him, his triumph may now be another defeat. Every ND reads this page. It was a poorly orchestrated move.