Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Briefing; Reporters Leave Gigs For PR Jobs; KTVU Misses Rita Williams; LaCuesta Too; News Notes

THE PAST DECADE ...especially the last five years...has seen a vast disappearing act from some of the Bay Area's very best and brightest news people, most notably reporters. Some retired, some left to pursue a more safer position --PR People to be exact. Here's some of the notables:
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Robert Lyles--ex KPIX GA Reporter now Media Manager for AC Transit.

Priya David Clemons--ex- KTVU GA Reporter (one of the best) now Public spokeswoman 
for the Golden Gate Bridge District.

David Stevenson-ex -KTVU SF GA Reporter now director of Community Engagement(a fancy term for Media Manager)
for the San Francisco Police Dept.

John Sasaki-ex KTVU GA Reporter(another good one) now spokesman for the 
Oakland Unified School District

Anne Notarangelo-- formerly a KPIX weekend anchor/ reporte rand anchor/ reporter for KTVU and Diane Dwyer, a  KNTV anchor/reporter, who now works at Stanford.  Ann  left KPIX after many 
years to a work for the Contra Costa Country Social Services Dept.

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Priya David Clemons
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Rita Williams
 *Rita Williams --the multi-award-winning reporter at KTVU, retired back in 2013. Williams was as tough and tenacious a reporter I've ever watched; she made politicians nervous with her pointed questions and thorough follow-up. Williams was tough, sure, but always fair. I thought Williams had many years left in the tank and inferred that she was nudged out but she told me she left on her own terms. I believe her. Unfortunately, the current crop of KTVU reporters don't come close to matching the cred of Williams.

Image result for Lloyd LaCuesta KTVU
Lloyd LaCuesta
*Lloyd LaCuesta spent over three decades at KTVU. Like Williams, LaCuesta was thorough, detail-oriented, and a great street reporter. Only in the late stages of his career at Channel 2 was Lloyd recognized as a solid GA reporter which is a shame --he deserved far more accolades.

*ADD KTVU: The Fox2 Oakland O and O keeps putting pressure on veteran Consumer Editor, Tom Vacar to split, only Vacar isn't ready to retire yet and as I've pointed out numerous times, Vacar is a lawyer and Fox doesn't really relish messing with him.


NOTES ...NOTES...NOTES...Thankfully, John Rothmann will guest on KGO Radio tonight from 7- 8 PM on the Pat Thurston Show...Yeah, some non-entity guy, the PD at 95.7 FM 'The Game', Don Kollins, was fired the other day...The station lost a full point in the "12+Overall Ratings" (which advertisers don't pay attention to) but nevertheless 95.7 is reeling and someone had to pay...Damon Bruce boasted that he would shock and awe The Game in the afternoon but has not at all moved the meter --A big reason why The Game is 1.0 in the SF Ratings...a horrible signal and woeful Oakland A's season.



  1. Lets see if Linking will work:

    There were (in 2013) almost 5x the number of PR Flacks vs Journalists. And PR Folks were paid quite a bit more (salary numbers from back then, I am sure, are not even close to today's numbers for PR jobs).


  2. There are a ton of ex-Sacatomatoe area TV and radio reporters working for the government now.
    Do you blame them? Decent hours, great salaries and a guaranteed retirement and at most times, respect from the bosses.

  3. Notarangelo's gig at CoCo County was short. She now works in the Oil Industry.

    1. I never even realized she was gone.

  4. Rita Williams was a pioneer, and an ace. She is as nice off-camera as she was tough and tenacious when she was reporting.

    1. This is Rita here! Thank you, "anonymous," for the very kind comments and thank you, Rich, for remembering a different era in journalism and appreciating what we did. It means a lot.

      And for those of you who remember my talented late colleague and friend Faith Fancher who started a non-profit 20 years ago to help low income men and women fighting breast cancer:
      We, the "Friends of Faith," are dissolving this year but not before one final and fun fundraiser to celebrate raising more than $3 million in those two decades. It's August 26th at the Oakland Marriott. Even Dennis Richmond is coming out of retirement to co-emcee the VIP reception with me. To donate or buy tickets, go to And thank you again for caring about good journalism.

    2. I have always loved this lady's professionalism, and once again, Rita proves it to the 415 Blog! Think I'll go find her Facebook page(s)!

  5. Lets be honest..Larry Baer does everything he can to boost the Giant's image. In Oakland,Billy Beane has done everything as confusing and turn off as Donald Trump..and with Beane you can trace that to the day he was made part owner. 95,7 is hooked up to a perpetual media loser in Beane. His movie was a lie,and he cheated on water. How Trumpian is that?

    1. I think Beane owns a very small percentage of the A's. The bigger problem has been cheap ownership on the part of the primary owner, John Fisher. Beane manages within the constraints set by Fisher.

  6. And Karina Rusk--now works for a hospital in Salinas, if memory serves.

  7. Frank and Julie are probably the next ones leaving the station within 10 years, if they are lucky to keep their jobs until then with the current management and position in jeopardy. KTVU evening news just cannot stick with a temporary group of staffs for 7:00 News. Heather and Ken are suppose to be the main anchors, then one day, Alyana, Frank Malicoat or Cristina Rendon takes over on any day. I don't see that confusion with KGO 7 4:00/5:00 news stable with their staffs.

  8. In addition to the great reporters who transitioned... a lot of great producers who tireless worked behind the scenes also move on over the past decade or more... you can tell by watching the local newscasts...

  9. You forgot to mention Susan Siravo at NBC11, who was the lead anchor when NBC affiliation moved to KNTV from KRON. Not long after that they hired Terilyn Joe as lead anchor. Siravo disappeared very soon after that (can't imagine why) and surfaced (in a news story, natch) as Communications Manager at the Santa Clara Valley Water District...think she's doing something else now...