Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Was Rita Williams shoved out the door at KTVU?

The following quote is from one of my KTVU sources on Rita Williams, who announced her retirement on Monday.

Rita is the BEST, but they never appreciated her at Jack London. I think she makes the max under AFTRA as a reporter which is about $120,000 while many anchors there make $250K+. She MADE that place a TON of money through all her exclusives and they NEVER rewarded her! She was NEVER considered for an anchor job there which pissed her off royally all those years! Think about it...WHY are they announcing her departure...nine months in advance??? I bet they chose NOT to renew her.

My own two cents: I wrote that Rita went out on her own terms. I also wouldn't be surprised if they nudged her and she saw the handwriting on the wall. I also know she didn't care for Special Ed.

I DO know this: Dennis Richmond would have worked a couple more years---had they asked him. They didn't.

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  1. That is the way the game is played throughout America in most corporate operations. No matter how badly whites are treated (men or women), blacks don't get the chances regardless of education or experience. Rita had a very long run and I applaud her. For every Rita, many blacks never got a chance.

  2. I enjoyed watching Rita for the same reasons I like watching Lloyd LaCuesta and many of the seasoned reporters and anchors. They bring an air of credibility to a business where credibility is lacking. The industry is now looking more like a combination of the used car business and a beauty contest. $120K a year isn't chickenfeed Rich - it is more than the average engineer with 20 years of experience and a Masters degree makes. Not everyone gets the big chair - just like most engineers (even the best and the brightest) don't make it far up the corporate foodchain. She had a great career and I hope she wasn't pushed aside. 35 years is a good run - how many people outside of the public sector can say that they had a job for that long (and were not laid off at some time or another). If Rita reads this - know that your fans enjoyed watching you over the years. We hope that in the spirit of others such as Belva Davis that perhaps you go to public TV from time to time. Just my two.. Thanks!

  3. Oh good grief, let's make it a racial issue! NOT!!! Sure, Dave Clark is a better journalist than Rita Williams. And tomorrow the sun will rise in the west! Give us all a break.

  4. This business sucks unless you are a total ass kisser, get into management and get your golden parachute.

    1. enough crying alreadyJune 5, 2012 at 2:54 PM

      News and entertainment are tough businesses these days but so are many other.

      The persistent theme on this board about just how awful specific local media companies are reflects a limited awareness of worldwide economic changes that cut across all industries and affected most of our work lives.

      I have no more sympathy for once high-paid broadcasters who now face new economic realities, than I do for formerly low-paid workers who must adjust to being even lower paid workers.

      This is not a criticism of Rita Williams who did a great job for many years but is a criticism of this "boo hoo, isn't the broadcasting business terrible" mentality that this board espouses.

  5. I never did like Williams. She doesnt even know where Concord is let alone spell it! DOH!

  6. Rich, I don't feel bad for any of these people, you report she made $120k a year, that's a ton of cash. Hey Rich people get fired everyday, don't feel bad for the wealthy!!!!!