Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rothmann on Election Night; Intelligent Radio, What a Concept

I'm listening to John Rothmann. He's the political analyst for NewsTalk 910. There's no screaming, yelling, cackling, or bizarro histrionics--quite the opposite in fact.

Intelligent radio; simple and honest dialogue with real people and political discourse, wow what a bonanza. It's  radical idea, but I think it has some appeal if the consultants don't screw it up. I know this is a temporary deal, but local radio needs more of this. It's not sexy, it won't move the needle, but it's honest and genuine and if you're a political junkie like me, it's divine.

Rothmann is superb too. But most of you already know that. His analysis is top of the line. The banter with newsman, Sebastian Koontz, is also very good too. Real, honest, and enlightening radio--an entity that has some staying power in the Bay Area.


  1. I'm glad you wrote about this, I worked to about 9:30 so only caught the last half hour, you are right, what a delight, but then John was always one my favorites, he is just such a pleasure to listen to, because of his knowledge, intelligence although he is a liberal (as I am) I also think he is fair. I fear too many people have got use Rush's and Michale Savage rants, or Sean Hannity's screaming or talking over his caller, that very few people appreciate someone like John Rothman, what a shame. Perhaps because I'm in my sixties, perhaps because I was brought up in Europe (Scandinavia) I never did like rants, raves and screaming, whether it came from the right or left. I'm also a political junkie, and look forward to more of Johns analysis, hope he and 910 in general beats the hell out of KGO.

    1. Anonymous - I would consider myself nearly the exact opposite of you based on your description of yourself. I lean right, am far from 60, was born and raised in America. Having said all of that, I 100% agree with you and Rich. I regret missing this show. Rothman is terrific and very much underrated. I would hope he gets a regular slot at a reasonable hour.

      Here's my thought on Hannity and co. Let's put their politics aside. Let's assume all of the points they make are valid. The presentation of their positions is repulsive. Not necessarily the position itself. Condescending, abrasive, loud, unintelligible at times. Not to mention they railroad their guest whenever the guest is attempting to make a strong point. These tactics are rarely if ever necessary when you are correct in your position.

      Anyway I could go on but the point is that Rothman is a terrific voice in local radio. I do hope he gets a chance. I would much rather listen to him than Alan Colmes who is a spineless voice for the liberals

    2. To the 10:20pm poster.
      Your lack of objectivety is showing when you neglect to mention the sirens on MSNBC.
      We all know where you lean. You gave yourself away while trying to appear fair and balanced.
      I hear Christine Craft calling for you.

  2. I couldn't agree more! This is the second time I've heard John Rothman carrying on some live banter with Sebastian Koontz and it was interesting in both instances. Rothman is the quintessential political expert and Koontz is a bright, witty, and intelligent guy, who is very knowledgeable about pretty much any contemporary news topic. Both men were a real credit to the station tonight.

    BTW, Koontz does a recap news show on Saturday, from Noon to 1 p.m. on 960 AM that I really enjoy listening to. It's called The Week and in it he goes over selected news events from the preceding seven days. The show is always entertaining and I highly recommend it to others who might enjoy listening to an intelligent and opinionated newsman. Yes, they let him share his views, as well as the news recap. Who knows, Koontz might have the makings of a good talk show host, given the opportunity and an interest on his part. He's certainly always up to date on the latest news and he has interesting opinions on many of the news topics.

  3. Rothman should have the 7-10pm slot on 910 permanently.
    There is nothing approaching the quality of Rothman's show on any radio station in the country. He is a national treasure and should be syndicated nationally. Maybe NPR should pick him up, especially if 910 doesn't give him a permanent slot.

  4. I am also so glad you wrote about John last night. It was the best radio I've heard in a very long time. I think it was great when he and Sebastian were talking together.

    910,PLEASE hire John for the 7:00 spot permanently. It made me sad last night because it reminded me I couldn't listen to him on Mondays and Tuesdays anymore. I can't listen to Gil anymore because of his laugh. It drives me crazy and often he does it right into the mic. It becomes irritating since he is constantly laughing. We need someone local at 7 and John would be perfect.

    Good job on the blog.

    1. Yes! Well said. Hire John Rothman permanently. Mr. Rothman's hiring is the only action that would get me to tune in to any local radio station every night.

      Why doesn't someone hire Joannie Greggins for Saturday morning? There is a big void without her.

      Great blog; helpful too.

  5. Last night's program with Rothmann and Koontz was radio at its finest!
    Please write to the suits at 910 and tell them we want more:


    Rothmann said he will be back on election night in November. Doesn't that seem like a ridiculous time to wait, particularly with such an important political season before us?

  6. I looked around the dial for election coverage last night and must have checked 910 during a news break or something, darn! I ended up on 1590 and they did a decent job reporting the results, but no analysis. I would really love hearing John Rothman on a regular shift anytime between 7pm and 1am: appointment radio! I sure miss the excellent election coverage and analysis 810 used to provide. Their election coverage was virtually non-existent, hardly even a mention that there was an election, how pathetic!

  7. Rothmann is really excellent. He is so knowledgeable and responsive to all his listeners. The man has a genuinely benign personality coupled with huge charisma and intelligence. PLEASE, 910 AM, more John Rothmann !!!

  8. For folks who missed out on John's June 5 three hours on the radio, you can replay or download the podcasts: http://www.newstalk910.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?more_page=1&podcast=rothmann&selected_podcast=John_Rothmann__June_5_2012_H1_1339001022_19641.mp3

  9. Rothman is good, except for his offshoots into Bernie Ward land.

    For example, if you mention the topic of illegal immigration, he will expertly through in a "xenophobe" comment... i.e., he calls you a racist.

    These are the kinds of rants / feedback that prevent him from becoming a future Gene Burns.