Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cumulus: Bay Area Radio Killers

Image result for Cumulus Kills Radio CUMULUS KILLS SF BAY AREA RADIO...They're damn great at destroying radio stations. They've taken out the entire Bay Area spectrum --first, KGO, then KFOG, then KSFO and now KNBR (although KNBR was going down the toilet --Cumulus just closed the cover)

For years I have railed against this evil company; they have no business running any business let alone the radio business.

They are incompetent, unscrupulous, unethical bastards to the highest degree and they should be prosecuted by the authorities for destroying community assets. I was sort of kidding but I'm not kidding. They are BAD people. They hire complete assholes. They make misery a specialty. They hire bad ass program directors who have little or NO experience and create havoc in the workplace. They are a menace to the few, good working people in the business who have/had the misfortune of being their helping hands. They (Cumulus) are a disgrace. Broadcast terrorists. Incompetent dickheads. Purveyors of mass destruction. They need to be stopped.

Are you all just going to let this HORRIBLE, EVIL company out of Atlanta ruin Bay Area radio? Wait, I forgot they already have. I'm looking for some of you that have a backbone. You out there?

Cumulus: air pollution.


  1. Hazel Burke in PetalumaAugust 2, 2017 at 1:11 PM

    Mike McVay killed my appetite when he walked in to In & Out Burger in Rohnert Park and ripped one that was so stank, the clerk said her eyes were burning.

  2. My God I actually agree with a Liebermann rant!

  3. In this day and age, the era of Tricky Truculent Tumultuous Tyrannical Two-Timing Trump the Terrible, unethical, unscrupulous, unconscionable, incompetent, inexperienced, destructive, menacing, rich get richer and fuck the rest, horrible, and evil traits ARE GOOD THINGS! So are air pollution, mass destruction, and hiring assholes. Cumulus is riding this wave!

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    1. And no thanks to Salvatore who terminated KFOG's Psychedelic Psupper & Adventure Hours along with "electric cookie connoisseur" Lee "Baby" Sims after staff meeting overindulgence & subsequent Rock 'n Bowl freakout. Hey, if you don't like the news, go out & make some of your own...

  5. I just checked out these idiots reads:

    Captivating our audiences
    245 million people reached each week across our affiliated and owned operated stations

    The Power of Cumulus Radio


    1. "Captivating" huh? Only in the way a brown floater at the public pool is captivating.

  6. The massacre of Dec 2011 certainly got people's attention to what this company was.

    But the idea for this corporate crime spree was set in motion years ago and ushered in the likes of the Dickey's to line their pockets while destroying the lives of people who stood in their way.

    Along the way our local communities were collateral damage. I know of loyalists of other cloud owned stations across the land who have spoken out in rage as their legacy stations have fallen to the vultures, and we had some blow back after Dec '11, but I'm waiting, too, to see more backbone whether it be in legislative form, or even reading comments here for ideas to hold accountable this disgusting company.

  7. Indeed, new PD installed at KFOG -- nobody noticed that the previous guy, Schock, left months ago. Schock was brought in to fire all the old jocks and install Pinfield in mornings. When Pinfield crashed and burned they kicked Schock to the curb.