Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sampler Size Tuesday PM 415 Media BS Meter; Oh Please Jon Miller; And a Few Others


*Jon Miller: Oh, please, Jon, show some deference and balls for heavens sake. We know you work for the Giants and you don't bite the hand that feeds you, but, come on, you're not going to say it's a nationally televised game? What?, is KNBR going to squeeze you and Larry Baer gonna beat you up? Holy shit! Whatever.

*NBC Sports Bay Area Programming Dept. Uh, seriously now, even the booster club isn't going to watch this latest "Outsiders" pile of shit. It's one thing to pile this garbage and sell it as a "talk-show", but it isn't. It's slightly more interesting than "Happy Hour" which is saying a lot. I'd rather watch Feldy and Fareed take a #1, actually. Bullshit.

*Brian Murphy: For three long days all we've heard on the Knibber audio toilet is that "Murph" is going to be a "balldude" Wednesday. Non-stop. Murph is about as exciting as a Modesto 7-11. Murph thinks everyone is ingratiated on his Pittsburgh trip. "I have 2 tickets behind the Giants dugout!" Heard that shit all day too. Murph is one of Baer's bitches and the Giants designated KNBR tokens. Murph is an A-grade Baer blower and BS enabler slightly more interesting than the accumulated turds at the Shell station toilet near the end of 101 on the last stop before the Bay Bridge. I got your "yeah, yeah, yeah" right here, Bullshit.

*"Paulie Mac": What a pathetic prick --how does this putz have a job? And who the fuck likes his stupid songs and parodies? Nobody I know. And the long-running bullshit that "I know Springsteen." Really. Like what, Powlie do you have a blow-up doll of The Boss? Your dumb songs are lousy. Awful, crappola, really POOOWLIE, the worse you are, the more play you get which comes right out of the KNBR manual where less-than-mediocre gets you attention.. You can't even interview morons for gawds sake, but keep up the great BS. Whatever. Dude!

*Reggie Aqui: Oh dear lord what a pile of manure --about as riveting as the bed check on a Monday night at Santa Rita. Good lord, KGO-TV why oh why? Reggie is what we're reduced too...the human bullhorn that shouts nothing and is about as genuine and authentic as French food in Yuba City. Whatever.

*Ball dudes: let's clear up the entire bullshit and cut right to the chase: You want to be a ball dude? Then write a $5000 check to Larry Baer and you can make a fucking fool of yourself unless you're a certain KNBR morning yahoo who would give his left testicle to being any kind of dude, but Baer and the Giants? Dude! Major bullshit.

*Dave Feldman: Ok, we know he got the gig because Harbaugh insisted. Now Harb is gone. Unfortunately, Feldman and his unfunny sidekick remain, God know why. Their commercials are frauds and a blatant ripoff of ESPN (which aren't funny either) and Feldman thinks his asides are groovy worthy and that people care. Assignment: Walk down Market Street and ask people on the street: "Ever heard of Dave Feldman?" Only one schmuck got it right: "Uh, oh yeah, I loved that Marty Feldman!" Whatever.


  1. Seriously. Several people at Comcast should be fired, immediately. First the GM, then the News Director. Garbage, cheap, boring programming. Their Warriors parade coverage was the worst in the Bay Area IMO. Guess KGO is not the only place in crash and burn mode.

  2. Chartreuse at SSUJune 27, 2017 at 8:20 PM

    Jan Wahl and Larry Krueger: Every time you two stop to eat at the Rohnert Park KFC, you eat the entire stock of food, and leave a pile 5 feet high in the restroom, destroying it in the process.

  3. Why does Jon Miller use a cartoon character voice as if he's talking to a young child? He's simply horrible. But I guess Larry likes him so that's all that matters...

  4. Completely agree on Murph....Geez, enough on what he's going to wear and whether he's going to fall down. He says he's doing it for content for the show...what a great guy...self absorbed blow-hard. I kind of like Paulie's song parodies, though...

  5. Actually 'Outsiders' has the potential to be pretty good. Grant Brisbee is on there.
    Also, why do you feel the need to continue with the Jon Miller pettiness from the other day?
    Re Reggie Aqui, he needs to tone it down a notch. Is exuberance something asked of morning news people?
    Agree with Paul McCaffrey,those song things he does make me change stations,same with the band name dropping re concerts he's been to. It is supposed to be a sports station, enough with the personal pop culture. No one gives a shit.

  6. Aqui does seem to settle down and act closer to an adult when he's anchoring with Castro.

  7. Leave Reggie alone, he's a good girl in a rough and toumble business!!

  8. The KNBR morning show is unlistenable crap. I only tune in for Kruk and Kuip but even Kuip can't handle the inane questions anymore and is now only doing one day a week. Hands down, worst duo on radio. Replace them with Kevin Frandsen, he is much more knowledgeable on more than just Giants, Niners and the fucking Grateful Dead. To quote Kuip, nobody cares!