Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Point Counter-Point


*Point: Jon Miller: He's a HOF, MLB play-by-play broadcaster who is as good as it gets and beloved by all Giants' fans.

Counter-Point: Miller is vastly overrated and not universally beloved --his incessant stories are getting a little old too.

Point: Roberta Gonzales: You're overly critical of her, 415 Blog, she's managed to carve out a niche on KPIX and she's quite a hit by the guys and PTA women.

Counter-Point: She's become the local TV weatherwoman yenta; the "talk like Miss Mary-Ann" everyday is uber-annoying and tiresome. It's somewhat tolerable on TV but quite irritating and obnoxious on radio.

*Point: Stan Bunger: Stan is an accomplished KCBS newsman with quite a lot left and quite the anchor on local radio news.

Counter-Point: Bunger has become quite long in the tooth in his twilight years at all -news KCBS. His enabling with Roberta is a pain in the ass to listen to and his inanity with Susan Leigh Taylor has become irksome and troubling.

*Point: Jeffrey Schaub: A steady, if not spectacular radio news reporter who is dependable and consistent, a no-nonsense guy for KCBS.

Counter-Point: Schaub is terrible now. I don't know if he's being pedantic jerk, a real pompous ass, on purpose, or it's his nerves taking over. Whatever the case, Schaub is an instant tune-out factor on local AM radio.

*Point: Michael Krasny: Used to love the KQED Forum host and his interesting interviews and style.

Counter-Point: Krasny has turned into a insufferable bore with his holier-than-thou personality and on-air arrogance. Someone should remind him that he's not curing cancer when he's on the air even though it's KQED.

*Point: Jan Wahl: The KCBS film critic makes for interesting and funny, poignant movie reviews.

Counter-Point: Wahl is about as compelling as a Brisbane art display. She's an obnoxious attention whore better suited for the SF Zoo than contemporary radio. Whenever I hear her terrible voice I immediately want to regurgitate.

*Point: Southwest Airlines commercials: You gotta admit, quite entertaining and clever, those SWA ads with the singing flight attendants.

Counter-Point: I hate THOSE ads! Screw those ads. They annoy the hell out of me. I'll fly United now ...sick and tired of those obnoxious ads.

*Point: The "Outsiders" on NBC Sports Bay Area: Bold and new innovating programming with a local twist. How cool.

Counter-Point: Yeah, truly historic, what the hell are they (NBC BA) doing? An amateurish, BS show based on fan stupidity and booster club naivete --more Larry Baer crap meat.

*Point: J.R. Stone is a rising star for KRON.

Counter-Point: That's right, with an emphasis on KRON.


  1. Point: Veronica De La Cruz's voice will curl your hair, inflame your ears, and screech into oblivion. There is no more irritating sound in human experience. Please put Elizabeth back in the anchor chair. Please! No wonder their ratings are so bad.

  2. Those Southwest ads made it difficult to watch the Warriors. It may not be so bad if they didn't run them every break.

  3. Counterpoint: As long as Dan Rosenheim is still at PIX, the 415 and its followers are stuck with VDLC, poor morning ratings, and any other red flags flying at the station.

  4. Solid post. Miller ISN'T that good. He IS overrated. When he was on ESPN with Joe Morgan, he was good. Now he thinks he's cute. The good announcers accompany a game. They're not the central focus. The Fat Man thinks he's the star attraction.

    Roberta Gonzales can tell a bed time story with the best of them. Too bad she comes off like a kindergarten teacher to the rest of us.

    There's a reason why NBC Sports Bay Area isn't appointment television. There's nothing there.

    Point of the matter is this: the news/sports programming on most of the local stations lacks substance. Sad thing is enough people are too damn dumb to know the difference.

  5. You want a mechanical reader like what the BBC has, or do you want a human touch like what Stan Bunger and Roberta Gonzales and Susan Leigh-Taylor add to the airwaves? Personally, I am not at all bothered, unlike you, but I guess that is just down to tastes. I say, keep it up. And - I know it is your job to monitor the stations, but you must listen to more than the segments at :18 and :48. I've never seen you complain about Phil Matier..........

  6. Point: Radnich in the 80's-90's was innocuous. Then he got the big head and decided he was an entertainer and critic and became obnoxious 100% of the time. Now,he's trying to change THAT image into let me into the BASHOF Gary the elder good guy family man image.
    Counter point: Why didn't he just have saved his money,spend less, so he could retire at 65? That wife of his..never a story from Radnich how she saved money or cooked a decent meal. Its all tennis lessons with young Bruno and loves to spend money.
    Don't we know it. Counter-counter point.

    1. On tonight's Friday sports he does with his young bride? Radnich got an email question from "Bruno".
      What did I tell you? ,wink wink...

  7. Counterpoint: As long as the current GMs & NDs, plus Lockstep Larry are calling the hiring shots within the aforementioned channels, nothing is really appointment television.
    Plus, Dennis O'Connor brought up a good point. When the Giants were winning a lot more than just this recent three-game winning streak, I wanted to watch and keep up. But I couldn't handle Amy G's insipid inconsistency more than 1 or 2 broadcasts. Add to that KNBR's endless radio ads, and the internet was where I went.

  8. I think Dave Fleming is the star of the four. Kuiper is full of himself. Miller and Krukow are excellent. As a whole, we are lucky to have all of them. Have you ever listened to the other teams. Mostly, awful.
    BTW, Miller should tell his daughter to stop retweeting stuff--have an original opinion, for a change.

  9. Point: Murphy of KNBR is an ass.

    Counterpoint: He's still an ass