Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Radnich Talks About 'Kids and Family' (Again) and Makes You Kind Of Want To Vomit

Image result for gary radnich   A Day after I applauded an interview he did ...and more or less gave him a compliment on solid work done, he immediately seized the moment and began to act like a complete putz on his Wednesday show. It's a common theme of his, Gary Radnich, who is more insecure than I am and that's saying a lot.

Radnich was talking about the experience of having kids at an older age in life. He yaps about it almost every other show and when he gets all faux sentimental about it, it can be both embarrassing and funny at the same time. Radnich uses it on the air as a sort of cathartic practice --he says he "craves" the idea of having children at his age (67) on KNBR today, (Wednesday) he bragged about having three adult kids and "3 young kids--I don't know what I'd do without them (it)." I'm paraphrasing but it's basically the same thing he says ALL the TIME when he delves into this area.

He almost intimates he enjoys the experience of having kids at his age without expressing the actual enjoyment of it. I'm not being harsh; I'm sure Radnich loves his children but he drones more about the process and how it excites him in his sunset years as opposed to the idea of just having a young family that has enhanced his life. Which is fine and dandy and perfectly understanding only Radnich uses his domestic life as a comedic setup --it's sort of phony and disingenuous but it's straight up Radu's alleyway. Some people are wise to him.


  1. Whenever we hear some old fart who has very young kids say what Radnich says all we hear is "I'm still quite the stud".

    All I know is if I hear George Clooney talking like he's invented having kids and then starts talking like his young kids, I'm gonna hurl.

  2. He actually started with Clooney having kids at 55. Radnich takes everything as "How do I make this make ME look good" no, he never admits,he's too old to camp,take his kid to father son things since he looks like the old butler for the wealthy kid.
    And of course he's now trying to show what money he has goes to his sons gold chains. At eight years old.
    Radnich makes even standing next to his wife seem somehow strange...

  3. but remember, ''if you had a family..."' ...LOL!

  4. KQED making plans to kill off all other PBS stations in the Bay Area. Rich do something!

  5. Rich its Larry fuck you mother fucking asshole

  6. Take it easy Larr.....

  7. Who the fuck cares about Fatnich's personal life? I guess it's the only thing he knows anything about because he sure as all hell doesn't know shit about sports. Grab a donut Fatnich. Wash it down with a soda. Maybe you can become as big as Fatto.

    Rich also brings up a great point. Fatnich is very insecure. It shows.

  8. Uppercut its Larry who do you think you are that pussy Rich's bodyguard

  9. Make this quick- Radnich was ripping Bonds for not wanting to use a few minutes for team pictures.
    RADNICH..the same man who had no extra minute to pose with EVERY other KRON anchor for Cancer Awareness kron team photo.