Thursday, June 15, 2017

Let's Have a Warriors' Victory Parade and Cover It En Fuego

Image result for Warriors 2017 Parade Wall-To-Wall Coverage of Warriors' Victory Parade; 9 AM -Conclusion (around 2 PM) Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt

KNTV (NBC Bay Area)
NBC Sports Bay Area


  1. Gasia Mikaelian is a phony. Watching the Warriors parade and hearing her voice makes me ill.

  2. Watching it on 7 because I adore Biel and Ashley. Kristin Sze should take a coffee break until it's over. One dumb comment after another. Oh gawd help us.

  3. The long time Bay Area veterans are fine but it's obvious the recent media transplants are just riding the bandwagon and they're idiots

  4. Wasn't En Fuego the mariachi band that performed at the Democratic National Convention?

  5. She's alive, she's alive! Roqui was on KPIX covering the event. I believe she even didn't mispronounce Warriors.

  6. It's never happened before but today Claudine Wong made me swoon. Tight lil' body on that one. Yum!

  7. Half-listening to the twits on The Game cover the parade, waiting for the ceremony to start because that's all I really wanted to hear, when I realize that the ceremonies *had* started but instead of broadcasting the audio from the stage, the twits continue talking talking talking. WTF?

    Switched to KNBR and heard that Fitz was the MC of the ceremony. Was there some rule that The Game couldn't broadcast Fitz or something? Why would they cover the event and then not broadcast the event?

    1. Noticed the same thing and it really pissed me off! They had two or three idiots talking over all of the players/coaches speeches throughout the entire event. Why bother covering the event if we can't hear over the nonstop chatter! The 'Game' really fucked up big time on their 'coverage'.