Monday, June 19, 2017

Leaks Amid Atlanta Tweaks at KGO; Wittmayer 'We Don't Care About Ratings' Has Cumulus/Atlanta Ear; Talk of Restructure; 415 Media Monday Night

Image result for nervousTHE AMOUNT OF UNEASE at KGO RADIO is real and palpable ...making an already tense environment even more toxic and unnerving ...Earlier today I told you about the Cumulus SF Market bigwig, Jason Wittmayer, telling an unnamed talk host in no certain terms, "we don't care about ratings."

That statement by Wittmayer made its way all the way to Atlanta (Cumulus headquarters) where a "major higher-up", extremely 'irritable', called through to Wittmayer --only to fail to be in contact with the exec. Wittmayer may have intentionally been MIA because he knew the handwriting on the wall.

Sources tell me a "major overall plan" is in the works in Atlanta --the plan is supposedly a blueprint for the "immediate future of KGO; its format; its design; its budget too." In that layout includes significant cuts including reduction of "certain talk-show hosts and management figures..." leading to speculation that the news and talk outlet (810 AM) is in for a significant overhaul because, said one source, "Atlanta (Cumulus) believes KGO is an 'underachieving asset.'"

KGO had a slight bump in the May Overall 12+ ratings but has flatlined and remains stymied and almost forgotten in the Bay Area radio scene. That isn't surprising anymore; in fact, KGO has become essentially irrelevant. Give a listen any day and you know what I mean.

Whatever the case, Cumulus' attention on its Bay Area radio news outlet has sent shockwaves and angst inside the SF Cumulus Building on Battery Street. A wall of secrecy permeates the KGO wing. Who believes whom and Who is saying this and that? What's going on between the managers and rank and file. Not a whole lot of trust for one. Leaks have become pervasive at the radio station adding to the overall anxiety.

I'll tell you a few key stories that might shed light on the current atmosphere ...stay tuned.


  1. Turn off the lights, the party is over.

  2. Dear Jason:

    A short course in Broadcasting 101. Ratings are the bread and butter of a Radio station. It's what any serious advertiser looks at before spending/committing their ad dollars. They want to know those ears (listeners) will be there to hear or, at the least, be exposed to their sales pitch, before they commit to any AD campaign. To discount that shows a gross ignorance of what commercial broadcasting is all about. Very sorry for you, but I heard WALMART is hiring.

    Good luck.

  3. "significant cuts"? How much more can they cut!? The operation is BARE BONES

    1. Bones can be shaved!
      Just like ice.

  4. Who created the current and last 6 years' KGO? The Atlanta fools. They fired the great past hosts. They switched to all news; and then reversed that by firing the news department. They put in clueless management lackeys. Now they say, "Gee, we don't like how they're performing." Can Atlanta fire themselves?