Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Random Notes; More Papa Poop; KPIX Suits Get Heavy on O'Donnell and Glenn; Vanilla Damon Bruce; KTVU Bread Winner; Jan Wahl and 'Babs

Image result for Random notes  IF YOU think changes on the radio that involve KCBS are sort of radical just wait until Entercom takes over ...NO friend of the SF Giants too: Greg Papa...I'm beginning to think it can't get any worse at KPIX but it could get worse. The latest hubbub involves those high up in management who don't really like the performance of sports anchors Dennis O'Donnell and Vern Glenn; nobody is saying they'll be let go but word is they've been told to sharpen things up or else...Big managers that can't manage a company and do nothing but sit around and collect checks: Bruno Cohen...Cohen was brought in to PIX to make changes and chart a "new direction" for the CBS O and O but he didn't do a thing. That's broadcast malpractice...Yeah, what a bold move at Comcast: change the name and spiff up the graphics: how thought-provoking. What geniuses ...Just for the heck of it, one-week experiment: Lee Hammer runs the SF Giants and Larry Baer run KNBR: wait a minute...At 101.3 FM they had a Friday free lunch and no one was there. Probably they ran to the back because the end of the month at radio stations can be tantamount to having to go to a Scientology meeting...Don't invite Dave Lewis to Bruce Macgowan's house...I assume Bruce put Jack Swanson on his Christmas list...KCBS: KGO minus a few vaginas and penises...Jeffrey Schaub: thinks he's Joe Montana but is really Joe Schmo...if Schaub worked in Hawaii he could come back in a minute and work at KPIX. PIX new image: KRON lite...Say what you will about KTVU and I've said a lot lately: they made close to $75 million bucks last year. Enough money to settle a couple Fox lawsuits...Much ado about nothing: Damon Bruce. He found a woman that thought he was cute. Every now and then I find a woman who thinks I'm cute only they turn out to be stalkers ...Damon and pregnant pauses: like avocado and guacamole --only thing missing are the Salesforce chips...Papa and JT the Brick: silver and black birds of a feather...How'd you like to be a sales guy at 95.7 The Game selling time for Raiders games this year? Lots of pride and poise...Chip Franklin and Brian Copeland with Nikki Medoro: The Mod Squad with a yapping MyPillow  mutt...KNTV {NBC Bay Area} "Investigative Unit" This week the team will report, exclusively, that popcorn is popular at movie theatres...Meanwhile, Jan Wahl, is just plain giddy! An exclusive with Babs Streisand: I heard a snippet of the interview. Jan ask Babs if she's doing a "Yentyl" sequel...Speaking of yentas: I have an all-star team: Susan Leigh Taylor and Roberta Gonzales...Have a nice weekend.

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