Sunday, April 2, 2017

KGO Infection Invades KCBS; Bristow Is 'Jack Swanson's Guy; Bunger/Bristow Tension; George Rask Back Doing Traffic; Sunday Noshes

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Jon Bristow (foreground) and ex-KGO anchor Jennifer Jones-Lee
  FROM A KCBS SOURCE: "HE'S JACK SWANSON'S GUY--EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!" The "he" is ex-KGO tonsil, Jon Bristow, seemingly on the KCBS air every second, minute and hour.

Bristow was anchoring Sunday morning and Mark Richards was doing traffic--a segment involved reporter, Scott Lettieri. For a moment I thought I was listening to KGO circa 2011.

Seems, with the new traffic and sports voices, all of KGO's staff has kidnapped KCBS.

Bristow, Jenna Lee, Jennifer Hodges, Lettieri, Jeannie Lynch, Kevin "The Rat", --all Jack Swanson people and while there's nothing wrong with hiring your ex-staffers it's also frustrating for quality broadcast journalists that didn't work at KGO to be ignored by the new sheriff in town.

*I've stated my opinion on Bristow many times here; he's a qualified anchor but he's got a huge ego that smacks of arrogance and an attitude that has already pissed off a bunch of senior KCBS staffers...a looming battle of egos galore: Bristow and Stan Bunger. Bunger just got a modest contract extension (around three years) and when he retires and/or is bought out, Bristow is the odds-on favorite to replace Bunger...but the two have already clashed in and around the back offices with Bunger telling Bristow to back off a bit (the duo was spotted having a heated conversation one recent morning; they'll deny it but it was confirmed by two station sources); clearly, there's growing animosity over Bristow's growing influence and it has caused tension in the newsroom.

*Back in the saddle: former KRON traffic and weather guy, George Rask was doing traffic reports on Saturday afternoon on KCBS and sounding as robust as too, ex-Comcast sports anchor, Henry Wofford.

*Most powerful person at KCBS not names Swanson: Doug Harville.

*Most powerful reporter: Doug Sovern. 

*Most annoying reporter: Jeffrey Schaub, who thinks he's the next Les Moonves. Fat chance.

*Getting gushier by the day: Roberta Gonzales.

*Don't mess with him or face the consequences: Da Lin.

*Biggest embarrassment at CBS-SF: The Foodie Chap. "trade-outs" from hell.

*Potential fisticuffs: Sovern versus Bunger.

*It's WAR! Susan Leigh Taylor versus Holly Quan. A BATTLE ROYALE!


  1. Mama June in CotatiApril 2, 2017 at 1:49 PM

    Yeah, don't mess with Da Lin, or he'll KI-YA!!! your ass.

    1. Potential fisticuffs: Da Lin and any fellow member of the Smurfs

  2. I wonder when KGO Radio is going to fix that transmitter because the nighttime signal to Socal has gone to crap.

    We still hear KCBS and KNBR just fine...but KGO has gone to hell from the Coastal San Diego / OC / LA , area all the way out to Bartstow . KGO used to blast into those areas but no longer.

  3. On the Radnich watch: He's kept on a STRICT time schedule at KRON. To the point he's watching the clock on air. 4 minutes alone. 6 minutes if its Friday and his wife is co host.
    NEXSTAR has laid down the law.

  4. As long as Rich Walcoff doesn't come back to do sports. We don't miss his condescending pompous attitude. Bruce MacGowan can handle that role at night to a T. Maybe Richie is working as a barista at Peet's in Tiburon.

  5. Anybody know what happened to Jennifer Lee Jones she of the infamous: "It's FriiidddaaaAAAAAAAY!!". Let's hope Swanson does NOT bring her to KCBS

  6. Great for George Rask!! How about putting him on KPIX in the morning?

  7. KNBR- Who fired Joe Hughes and as Joe wrote understanding totally as a decision to let him go as they will no longer are doing news and traffic breaks?..well,Clark Reed just told me the weather and traffic and sounded an awful lot like what Joe Hughes did. Even had a few laughs with Raddy.
    But- no Mark Nieto. Call a well established local news man's mother a slut and he is not interested in the KNBR experience.

  8. Speaking of Traffic reports, a few weeks ago it was reported PIX's Roqui Theus might be leaving sometime in April. She has been appearing off and on since said report, For whatever reason she has been doing flawless Traffic reporting as of recent. This morning I watched and waited for her usual hiccup/stutter.. Not.. Wonders never cease to amaze.

  9. I like Bristow a lot, and Bunger's "KCBS news time___" every 3 seconds getting old.

  10. You've got to have a healthy ego to be on the air, but in all the years I worked with and around Jon Bristow, I never saw any symptoms of egomania. He was always a really pleasant guy with a sense of humor and a complete pro. Always. Just my two cents...