Thursday, March 9, 2017

What The Hell Has Gotten Into Stan Bunger? KCBS Veteran Anchor Capitulation With Weather Cackler Roberta Gonzales Has Reached Crisis Level; Time For a Special Prosecutor

Image result for stan bunger kcbs WHAT THE HELL HAS GOTTEN INTO STAN BUNGER? The longtime KCBS Morning anchor has apparently signed a new three-year extension and that's great news for Bunger and the Bay Area because he's proven his moxie behind the microphone. I have great faith in Stan both as a broadcaster and qualified anchor.

On the other hand...

Bunger's cackles and giggles with weather maven, Roberta Gonzales have become embarrassing audio tripe; frankly, unfit for KCBS' vaunted airwaves.

Image result for People screaming at their radiosBunger's cuteness goes overboard and is not helped by Gonzales largess --Roberta seems to think the morning audience on KCBS is chock full of pimple-faced middle school students pissed off over a bad grade from the science teacher. Her regular on-air verbal gobbledygook, particularly at 7: 20 AM is an instant Bay Area radio tune-out and is becoming so bad people are gagging up in their cars and homes.

Instead of acting as a reasonable conduit and trudging forward, Bunger seems as if he's been transfixed as Ricky Ricardo playing along with Lucy only this isn't funny --more like a bad nightmare.

Worse, Bunger on multiple occasions has become just as insufferable if not more nauseating than Roberta --I'm astounded really and it takes a lot for me to get into that vibe. We need action here.

I'm calling for a special prosecutor to look into the matter because it's reached crisis levels.


  1. Another bad nightmare in the building: VDLC's loopy lunacy during last night's "Bay Area Nightbeat" telecast. Pretty regressive display from a network caliber talent.

  2. I agree, Stan Bunger is getting out of hand as well as Roberta. They need a double shot of Jack in the morning to mellow them out.

  3. Speaking of KPIX's ladies, you must have seen Emily Turner tonight in her stretchy new dress, the one emphasizing her loverly boobs and pubes.

    Yikes! (Emily, be advised, ROSS allows returns.

  4. Emily Turner---who knew? Basketballs

  5. Roberta's word salad is absolutely disgusting, she is no more a weather forecaster than an PHD in Physics. Brink back Mike Pechner, a real weather person.

  6. And in other news. Your good friend Gary Radnich called Mark Nieto's mother a whore. On 50,000 watts. Mark did not laugh.
    Larry Kreuger did.
    I heard it myself.

    1. Oh, it was meant all in fun, Stan. Where's your sense of humor?

  7. Are you even vaguely aware the man you hate-Radnich- called a longtime KGO announcers mother a whore? Anybody let you in on the news? lol.
    He said it too in sort of a fuck you greeting..not a hint of being funny.
    You dont know a thing about it?