Thursday, March 9, 2017

Savage Enjoys The Fruits Of Celebrity; KSFO/Syndicated Star Has New Book Out On Trump; Private Schmooze With POTUS At Mara Lago; 415 Media Spotlight

trumps-war  Michael Savage is feeling pretty good these days and why not? He's back from a recent weekend in South Florida schmoozing with President Trump--complete with a private, 90 minute-talk with the Prez at Mar a Lago over dessert. Both Savage and the POTUS discussed "the old neighborhood" --Jamaica, Queens, New York City, the works.

"We had a good talk. He likes my radio show. He's an incredibly interesting man and I swear, we talked for an hour and a half--it felt like 3 minutes", offered Savage who has Trump on his show (heard locally on KSFO Noon -3 PM) quite regularly.

Good timing for Savage who has another best-selling book out next week, "Trump's War." He began writing the book nonstop late last year into the election and ended the day of the inauguration. It's already a best seller and has quite a lot of industry buzz.

"This will be my last political book,"said Savage who is fast becoming the Bay Area's #1 radio broadcast celebrity and a leading candidate himself to become the mayor of North Beach. Savage's frequent sojourns near the Columbus/Broadway corridor have turned into a "Beatles-like" festival complete with locals and tourists giving high-fives and heaping cult praise on the syndicated radio raconteur.

I asked Savage if it ever gets old: "Never, not by a long shot."

I also remind Savage that a chief part of his popularity is due to the liberals who listen to his show. Savage understands the equation and more often than not talks about pop culture and his poodle, "Teddy" than the latest political minutiae. Oh, he's pretty good on that subject matter too but the election is over.

Pass the marinara sauce. And get out the grappa --Michael Savage is buying.


  1. Well deserved and happy for Michael!!

  2. Congratulations to the good doctor. Telling it like it really is for over 20 years now.

  3. I can guarantee you this won't be his last political book, especially if this latest one becomes a Best Seller for a long time.
    Mike will follow up with 'All the stuff I left out of the last book'. Followed by: A compilation of predictions, reviews and remarks about the last book. Who was right, who was dead wrong.

  4. Later they met with Putin and some hookers. What a blast!