Tuesday, February 7, 2017

415 Media Exclu: Sara Sidner Was Offered KTVU 10 PM Anchor Gig But Chose CNN Instead; Desired International Reporter Position; Tuesday Launch

Image result for Sara Sidner I'M A BIG SARA SIDNER FAN, you all know that if you come here.

It turns out I'm not the only one. This is yuge!

Talking on the phone with a source at KTVU, it has been revealed to me that the Oakland station thought so highly of the current CNN anchor/reporter that they offered her Dennis Richmond's position (along with Julie Haener) to become KTVU's 10 PM anchor.

"The GM, (Tim McVay) wanted Sara to co-anchor with Julie and offered her the job and very good money," said the source who didn't want to be ID'd because of their closeness to KTVU.

Image result for sara sidner cnnOf course I asked Sidner about her decision to leave KTVU --she made it a point to emphasize that it was one of the most difficult decisions of her professional life.

Now we know why.

Sidner was way ahead of her peers at Channel 2 and could have moved further along but told me of her yearning to be an international correspondent and leaped at the opportunity when CNN was calling.

Sidner is now based in Los Angeles; she's been in the city and is covering the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case involving the President Trump travel ban.

Sidner is a sensational reporter --those of us who have watched her work know all the reasons why; furthermore, in an industry that is as image-conscious as TV News is, Sidner's weight issues has never slowed her down and only strengthened her. She's about as good as it gets and then some.


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  1. I find the hypocrisy in the biz amazing when you realize that they say 1) "We want people in front of the camera who reflect the demo" (ethnic, female, gay or lesbian) but 2) "We want them to be under 35 and a size 2 to 4." They want it both ways and they wonder why they're not seen as credible.

  2. I am most impressed by Sara's reporting and journalistic skills. One of the BEST on television today, hands down!

  3. It figures that the best ones never stay by the Bay for long. I miss Sara Sidner, too. Absolutely the BEST!

  4. CNN is a better station worldwide and of course, stick with CNN.

  5. I am very happy for her, she really has street cred, in my opinion, after seeing some of her reports from the mideast reporting in harm's way.Good for her!

  6. I know one thing, Sara never stopped to talking like a Pirate.

  7. Sara Sidner and Julie Haener would have been a superb anchor team.

  8. This is good to know, I didn't know that KTVU had offered Sara the Anchor Job. Sara is Top Drawer, & an Excellent Reporter, she made the right decision for herself.

  9. Always liked Sara. Weight comment probably irrelevant though.

  10. Her weight issues?
    Excuuuuuuse me!

  11. Big fan of hers and the weight is no problem here. She's top shelf!

  12. The weight comment is a completely valid point to make. Those of us who remember her while she was in the Bay Area have seen/noticed the difference in her physical appearance. We don't what the reasons are for the changes....that's not the point. TV is a visual medium, one that seems to stick to a certain look and image. He is just pointing out that despite her appearance which is not the norm, it is her work that is being recognized as it should be. Does her size bother me as a viewer? Not at all. Are there other qualified reporters/anchors out there that look like her and should be on the air? Absolutely.