Saturday, January 28, 2017

KTVU's Versatile Ken Wayne: The Bay Area's Most Underrated TV News Anchor; 415 Media Saturday

Image result for 10 'O Clock News KTVU  Ken Wayne --steady as they come; KTVU's Ever Ready battery--he just keeps going and going...

The veteran Wayne is often taken for granted and doesn't get a lot of credit. He's extremely versatile reading off the teleprompter and most effective reporting in the field too.

This lengthy piece had Wayne reporting on spending a night in the Tenderloin which caught my eye for its riveting content, something you don't see a lot of in local TV News.

Wayne is a solid anchor; in my book, the Bay Area's most underrated --which in a way, given his demeanor on and off the air is probably the way Wayne prefers.


  1. With that scruffy beard he's currently growing he reminds me of The Most Interesting News Anchor in the World. "Stay informed, my friends..."

  2. I agree with you and I hate to agree with anyone, but please drop the beard!

    Took my first girl out on a date when I was 4 years old, can't remember where we went because I was drunk.

  3. He's my favorite. Only catch him on Sunday night now but you are so right. Great anchoring and reporting. Who cares about the beard.

  4. Has anyone else read the Ben Fong-Torres column in today's (1/29/17) pink section? He mentions the Chinese parade taking place on Feb 20. WTF it's on Feb 11, 2017. He not only phones it in, it seems like he's phoning it in long-distance.

  5. I was hoping he would get the anchor chair when Dennis Richmond retired.

  6. Heather Holmes is his best Co-anchor. ... sorry, Rich.

  7. I've chimed in before...but back in the day at the old KNTV, Ken was one of the coolest dudes to work with out in the field: He knew his sh* me the script in plenty of time to edit...wrote to all of my video.

    On top of that, he had the same twisted sense of humor as I did.

    It's been awhile...but it doesn't appear that he has changed--which is great.