Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jon Bristow Settling In At KCBS; Ronn Owens Tells Audience To 'Get Over It'; 'Mr Softie' Strikes Again; Darren Chan Apparently New Giants KNBR Radio Producer; Lowell Cohn Retires After 37 Years But Don't Invite Damon Bruce To The Party; Wednesday 415 Media Mash

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Jon Bristow
 What a ride for Jon Bristow...the radio news anchor spent the better part of two decades broadcasting on KGO --before being axed from the latest Cumulus bloodbath--now Bristow has settled in to become a primary voice on all-news KCBS.

In fact, Bristow's baritone voice has been belting out of the CBS Building lately--on the weekend morning, middle of the night, and drive time both morning and afternoon.

If you've listened to KCBS this week, Bristow has been filling in for veteran Stan Bunger.

Bristow is likely to inherit Bunger's job when Stan calls it quits any day now.

He's got the CBS model down and he is well regarded by ex-KGO boss, Jack Swanson, who was responsible for his stint at 855 Battery. Timing is everything.

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Darren Chan
*It's not official yet, but Darren Chan, a former KNBR producer and Daly City native, who has been doing some sports production down in LA, is apparently the new radio producer for the SF Giants

*Ronn Owens lectured his KGO audience the other morning: "Get over it!" --Owens was discussing Congressman John Lewis's decision to snub the Trump inauguration (along with a growing list of Democrats) It wasn't so much that Owens disagreed with Lewis it's his annoying, pedantic patronizing --and once again, his callers called him out on the air. Of course, "Mr Softie" lived up to his reputation --the man who called Donald Trump a joke for almost two years is now practically bowing at his feet.

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Lowell Cohn
*Lowell Cohn has called it quits after 37 years of terrific, ballsy, edgy and entertaining sports writing, mostly with the SF Chronicle and lately, the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. You may have disagreed with Cohn but you sure-as-hell looked forward to and read his columns.

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Damon Bruce
*Someone not attending the Cohn retirement party: All-Sports 95.7 FM talker Damon Bruce who has been feuding with Cohn for the better part of four years all because of this.

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Chip Franklin
*Is spite of the very BS the company has been called out on, KGO's oatmeal radio host, Chip Franklin still whoring "My Pillow" ads. What a guy, the Chipster.

*Two big names at KGO-TV and some flopper at KRON had a heated exchange in the garage at 900 Front the other day. It wasn't war but it was loud enough to be overheard across the street. Hey guys, life is short, don't sweat the small stuff. Parking place territorial feuding apparently en fuego.

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  1. Some valid points on that column but Damon has a better show than Tolbert and Lund. KNBR made a mistake to get rid of Ratto. He and Tolbert were a good radio duo. And with The Game now carrying the Warriors, I'd say they're on par as a legitimate competitor to KNBR. But both stations are pretty mediocre as is all commercial radio these days.

    1. Damon Bruce is a putz. I tune in once in awhile to see if he's gotten any better, but he's a blowhard who doesn't provide anymore insight than any other host. Tolbert gets all the best guests on KNBR - Steve Young, Brent Jones, Steve Kerr, and his comprehensive knowledge of all sports, inside and out, you can tell is appreciated by his hosts. He also admits to being wrong, which Bruce would never do. Yeah Tolbert can be goofy and in love with his own jokes a little, but I would venture to guess that a significant amount of people who listen to Bruce regularly, voted for Trump. They're cut from exactly the same cloth.

    2. @11:29 Yes Tolbert needs someone strong and intelligent as the lead guy as was Ralph Barbieri or Ratto, who should have taken on a stronger persona. The new guy Lund is unlistenable, his childish giggles, sophomoric and moronic "humor", and his complete cluelessness in how to do basic broadcasting, like knowing how to take and talk to callers, is pathetic and an embarrassment.

    3. Ask any Indian what LUND means in hindi. When the promo comes up Tolbert and Lund ....too fumnnnnny

    4. 100% agree. Ratto is a curmudgeon, but he and Tolbert had a chemistry, and it was good, entertaining radio. Lund I thought was actually good with Greg Papa on 95.7 and that show had a good chemistry, in spite of the jr. high school level humor. Papa's show is boring now. Tolbert and Lund have no chemistry at all and still sound awkward together. Tolbert keeps it listenable, but it's nowhere near as good as it was with Ratto. Lund's move to KNBR hurt both stations, IMHO.

  2. Bruce is learning to intone like a regular Charlton Heston of sports radio. But,I don't hear much interesting coming out...

  3. If I had a retirement party, I wouldn't want Bruce there.

  4. Touching reflections penned by Lowell, in his last "full-time" article for The Press Democrat, titled: "In the final analysis, sports bring us together."

  5. Bristow is a great guy. I have known him since the early 90's Good Luck to Lowell A. Cohen in his retirement,

  6. Whether, you liked him, or you could not stand him, Lowell Cohn will be missed. Lowell is from the Old Guard of Sports Columnist, he could tell Wonderful Stories that painted beautiful Pictures, all while writing about a Sporting Event!

    Idk about anyone else, but I will miss Reading Lowell. Godspeed Lowell, you & Mrs. Cohn.

    1. I remember when the Chron had Cohn and Glenn Dickey. Thank gawd CW Nevius and Joan Ryan as the other Sporting Green columnists to balance the Green towards sanity. Cohn and Dickey were provocateurs. There's something to be said for longevity and Cohn got better with age, but he was pretty out there in his opinions for a long time.

    2. At Jed York's last press conference, Cohn was the only reporter with the balls to call out Jeds' poor management of the 49ers right in front of Jed's face.

  7. ALL stations have their main Anchors and Reporters on this newest storm

  8. Why are we still talking about Ronn Owens? I thought his contract was up last November and he was out. It's over Ronn, just leave before they throw your ass out of the building once and for all. Good luck in retirement.

  9. Radnich car broke down-again. So there he was with another flat tire ( he seems to get so many of them) and yet HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A TIRE.
    I bet his Tu-Tu and ballet slippers might get dirty.
    A gratuitous jab,I admit.

  10. I'm an impartial SoCal listener (internet) and think that Ronn has the best daily show I've heard. LA radio tends to be celebrity-driven and that bores me.

    1. Yes Randall, what you're hearing is Ronn's last vestiges of what once made him really good. There are glimmers here and there of the old Ronn, but after years of kind of resting on his laurels and somewhat "phoning" it in, he's at least 20 years past his prime. That he sounds to you to have the best daily show speaks volumes on the decayed state of radio, thanks to, in no order, a feckless FCC, Bill Clinton signing the '96 Communications Act, and corrupt and heinous companies like Cumulus.

  11. I did notice that 10-1pm stopped the jokes about Asians and Asian anchors he worked with. I always said about KNBR..hire a person of color and those "slips" of racist comments will end.
    Stan- right again.
    Also,KRON hired a guy who's website is a love fest dedicated to give commentary. No Michael Yaki,No Randy Shandobil's.
    Trump' open hostility to honest debate embraced by KRON.