Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bay Area Radio Ratings; KOIT Dominant; KSFO/KNBR Big Drops; KQED/KCBS Too

Related imageThe Bay Area (SF) Radio Ratings are out and KOIT is having a party.

Other observations and notes:

Big drops at KSFO and KNBR (no election and lack of Warriors on Knibber)

Although 95.7 FM 'The Game' still can't get a 2 rating. And still has a lousy signal but I've noted that on numerous occasions.

KQED and KCBS fell back to Earth; KGO flatlined; K-FOG is becoming radio Death Valley on FM.

*We always remind you that these are considered "beauty contest' numbers and advertisers do not buy time based on these ratings.


  1. Enough with the "lack of Warriors" re KNBR. It is the lack of 49ers (crappy year) residual and no baseball. Not the Warriors.
    Sports talk has more listeners than basketball (or hockey) pbp on the radio.
    Watch KNBR ratings improve after FanFest.

  2. Santa wss in town.

    1. Mrs Claus is pissedJanuary 25, 2017 at 6:10 AM

      Santa, you get your ass home right now, or I'm calling the cops.

  3. KNBR ratings fluctuate for obvious reasons during the year. No big surprise.

  4. KFOG is in the fog...

    I still listen to Rosalie on "Acoustic Sunrise" on occasion. I would listen to KGO 810 if it ever changed back to the old format minus Ronn.

  5. KOIT seems to be playing a lot more 80s music.

  6. KGO didn't "flatline", it dropped two ticks, despite an election. When will the management figure out that local management doesn't know it's ass from a proverbial hole in the ground?

  7. I'd be curious about KBAY's ongoing ratings with their new format--80's music. Sounds pretty good. The vacuum left on KNBR by the Warriors is the lead-in and post-game shows that seem out of place when you can find better content on 95.7 the Game where the game is being broadcast.

  8. Not that I listen to it, but does anyone know how 860am the Answer is doing? Can't find anything on this less nasty than KSFO right-wing radio station. If they bomb, might as well put liberal radio back on. Green 960 was getting a .8 towards the end of their run. Weak, but not far off from KGO right now.

  9. I could say with an "alternative fact" that if KGO 810 News Talk Radio was still a #1 rated talk show station you would be waiting hours to get in on the phone line. Plus nowadays people would be texting and tweeting. What a gold mine that station could be now. I wish someone would buy the station and revive it. I know I'm dreaming but just a thought...

  10. Not only is it the "beauty contest" of 6+ it's also the holiday book. Completely useless.

  11. finally, I hope you realize how awful the Brian Sussman show is - why have it on at all four hours! Stupid talk and sound effects, no guests, how it stays on boggles my mind!

  12. Brian Sussman apparently has not become aware of the low ratings, just this morning he was saying their rating were very high. "They are high, high, high I tell yu", not sure it was his exact words. However, he has developed a very annoying habit of repeating words, 3-4 times, and to make it worse Katie will chime in "high" then Brian "high, I'll tell you. He end a lot of sentences with "I'll tell you". I usually listen for the traffic reports, also listen to Armstrong and Getty, depending on when they come on at 6, depending when I wake up. There is much of choice in early morning. I know Rich don't care for Armstrong and Getty, and they can be tiresome, but they also at times, do good interviews, that not just one sided. One person they have on often. Ian Bremmer (or Brenner) is interesting and well informed.

  13. Lloyd "Shorty" Barnes, President of Spindle, OK Chamber of CommerceJanuary 25, 2017 at 8:42 AM

    I am pleased to report that our local Spindle radio mogul, Lester Hundley, is moving ahead with his plans to move a satellite of our local KLOT-AM 1230 station into the Bay Area. He has one ear on the local grain prices and the other ear on the spinning cable car turntable on the Powell/Hyde line. I ran into him at the filling station out by the highway yesterday, and he's waiting for Cumulus to throw in the 810 towel, so he can bid on the transmitter and towers. He claims there's no one out there doing a quality polka show, no bluegrass worth a "spit" (his term, as he self-censors for the hometown radio audience even when he's not on the air), you can forget about sorghum prices with your noon-hour lattes at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and maybe someone in Tiburon would like to buy that manual lawn mower Bill Walker has been trying to sell on Radio Trading Post. No one is providing this kind of service and he's "fixin' to put a stop to it". He does keep up with the latest Bay Area radio ratings, especially the 25-54 sales demos, since Millie Pritchett wants to expand her alterations business and is interested.

    According to Lester (he had sobered up before he told me this information), the 25-54 ranking of stations is:

    KOIT, KQED-WILD (tie), 99.7 Now, Alice

  14. I noticed KQED has a new program at 11 pm weeknights that might improve their ratings tumble. A new call-in show. NPR stopped listeners from any chance of air time by disposing of the highly rated "Talk of the Nation" a while ago. But it seems this might not have worked out so well ratings-wise, and perhaps now they are trying to sneak this format back in the line up. I'm guessing the reason NPR got rid of Talk of the Nation, the 1%'ers who partially fund NPR don't like 99%'ers to have a chance to call in and say their peace about equity and all those topics. From what I understand this 11 pm listener call-in show is only scheduled to run for the first 100 days of the TRUMP/GOP administration. We shall see.