Wednesday, January 25, 2017

415 Media Wednesday Quick Hits; Juliette Goodrich has Options; Ronn Owens and Protesters; Radnich The 'Family Man' on KNBR; And a Whole Lot More

Image result for Quick hits IF RONN OWENS IS AT KGO IN 2018 I'D BE SURPRISED.

*Armstrong and Getty: their fans are the people who don't have passports.

*Or to be more precise: A&G devotees usually watch Wheel of Fortune and skip Jeopardy.

*That traffic guy in the morning on KNTV (NBC Bay Area) keeps shouting and shouting, for whatever reason I don't know nor care.

*On the day of the Inauguration, Chip Franklin was talking on KGO Radio about the idea of "having sex when you're not married." Seriously, even Chip's giggling sidekick, Nikki was seen in another room shaking her head. She was not alone.

*Chip has a busy day: he's taping MyPillow ads, toe fungus, toilet paper, furniture, patio equipment, Chip has to feed the family you know.

*Vern Glenn: quit acting like Radnich --it's bad enough we have one.

*Speaking of Raddy Baddy: the other day he was spouting his foolish diatribe against those men in professional sports past the age of 30 hanging on, saying they should quit pursuing their dream and tend to their family: "If you're single, fine, do whatever you want but if you're married, you have kids, it's time to call it quits." Radnich, the family man. Has a nice flow, like Mel Gibson the rabbi.

Image result for Juliette Goodrich KPIX
Juliette Goodrich
*Hey KPIX: My 855 Battery mole tells me you'd better lock up one of your few stars, Juliette Goodrich or she's liable to cross the street fact, I'd bet she'd be a hit alongside KGO's Eric Thomas. Sources close to Goodrich tell 415 Media that she's "exploring all options this year."

*Kenny Choi: the poor man's Da Lin.

Image result for Ronn Owens
Ronnnnnn Owens
*Ronnnnn the other day had on some Arab diplomat --then had the chutzpah to make the guy read his mattress commercial. It wasn't funny. It was beyond embarrassing and made KGO look even worse than it already is; how do I know that? Someone up the Cumulus food chain had a shit fit on the phone with one of KGO's suits. Me thinks Mr. Lowenstein was informed of the phone call.

*Ronn really, really, really, has no time for those wimpy protesters. They make it impossible for him to get to Macys to buy his 100th Tommy Bahama short-sleeve shirt with imprinted gadgets on the back.

*During Vietnam and Watergate, my sources tell me, Ronn was really pissed off at some protesters marching in Washington and NY. "What good will it do?"

Image result for Liam Mayclem
Foodie Chap
*THIS JUST IN: Alan Martin and Claudine Wong have made the finals for the "Who smiles less Contest." Winner gets dinner for two with the  Pix Foodie ChapLoser gets dinner for two with the Pix Foodie Chap.

*Roberta Gonzales: the gruesome chirpiness has become a certifiable weapon of mass destruction. It's not so much the screeching more the fake giddiness that has resulted in grown men reaching extra length for the vomit bag.

*And Stan Bunger: enough of your weather wizzies with Roberta, they're beginning to make you sound like a chipmunk.

*Alternative Facts dept: Damon Bruce is entertaining.

*Joe Starkey's termite radio commercials have paid for an entire new bathroom so don't fault Joe.

Image result for roberta gonzales cbs
Roberta Gonzales
*Ross Palombo Update: His jackets are threatening to eat him.

*860 AM: The Answer: radio melba toast and home of Bay Area Donald Trump pimping society.

*President Trump just signed an Executive Order prohibiting Brian Copeland from having "Headlines with the Headliners."

*Jan Wahl: KCBS's Yentyl.

Have a nice day.


  1. Lynette "Squeaky" FrommeJanuary 25, 2017 at 10:38 AM

    Radnich IS a good family man.

  2. We all know Radnich puts "Proud family man" on his Twitter bio. Whats strange? Larry Kruger says the same exact thing on his. With a photo that cuts the heads off two of his kids.
    I haven't checked to see if Tolbert,Fitzgerald or Lund are proud or unproud family men.

  3. Lol Rich I guarandamntee you don't watch Jeopardy. Too funny.

  4. Don;t listen to anymore... Does he really make guests read mattress commercials? A diplomat?!


  5. RE: A&G, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but it's rather condescending to essentially say that if people like something you don't, they must be less intelligent. I don't listen to A&G every day, but I do occasionally and I like them. BTW I do have a passport and my IQ is in the 130's.

  6. > Ross Palombo Update: His jackets are threatening to eat him.

    Looks more like they want to do the Heimlich Maneuver on him. HEEAAAVE!

    1. He's reflecting the feeling we have watching him.

    2. They're so tight sometimes I wonder if it's body paint he's wearing

  7. During the last big storm I was seriously concerned that Roberta was going to hyper ventilate she was so worked up over rain.

    1. Can anyone provide a picture of Roberta that's not 20 years old?

  8. Does KNTV FINALLY have a new traffic reporter? Maybe I can watch their morning show again

  9. That would be a loss, or should I say another loss, for PIX if Goodrich leaves.

    1. Kenny Choi is way better than Da Lin. At least Kenny looks at the camera consistently when he is speaking, unlike Da

  10. Re Chip, he is so dumb, and really not inquisitive at all. He cares nothing about the other "hosts" or even his producers or people that are regulars on his time slot. He had no idea of John Rothman's background, nor of Pat's..and as much as he has been with Niki, really doesn't even register the comments that she makes daily about her family. He's really only interested in himself and the very trivial things that he feels are important..and it better revolve around him. Just think, one day, he too, could be President of the United States!
    I used to think Niki was not very bright, but I've reconsidered that since hearing her sub a few times...a couple of times for Chip and yesterday for Brian. She certainly runs a far better show than he does, but that maybe damning by faint praise. Kim Foster is also really fairly sharp, I have always enjoyed her. It is really noticeable that she is not enamored of Chip. She just does the traffic and does not participate in his foolish games at all, nor answer any questions or give any opinions. However, when there is a sub in for him, or on other shows in her timeslot, she does do commentary. Heather, the ex Dr. Dean Edell producer, is probably on a par with Chip. Some I think she is worse and then some days better. She'll probably be given a full time show by management... maybe with the Chef.
    Fairly interesting that yesterday Niki substituted for Bryon, as Pat is still sick. When Chip came in, he told her she did an ok job... she said thank you, and he said, well, I was just saying it, didn't listen to any of it. Not inquisitive...but today, they had Ethan keep on for an hour and Chip came in an hour early...think maybe he may fear Nikki..she could easily surpass him as a host.

    The worst "producer", by far, is Crissy from Ethan Berman's show...the woman has the worst voice for radio ever. No matter what is going on or who is talking or being interviewed her shrieks, cackles, and snorts come out over everything. I also have a difficult time understanding how Ethan gets so many "sideline" gigs? What is up with that? He's always talking about be an advisor or whatever on world wide broadcasts...his show is tepid at best, what is the appeal? His recipes for healthy food?
    And, yes, 11:19, Ronn does have his guests read the mattress commercials. This particular guest seemed uncomfortable through most of the interview, the reading of the commercial almost seemed like a slap in the face to him.

    1. Very well said. I agree completely with all your observations.

    2. Did u march? I bet you did!

    3. why bother, when so many people can only read as many words that are contained in a tweet!

  11. Thanks for the observation on Vern Glenn. Good god I thought I was watching radnich wearing black paint the other day. Painful!

  12. Juliette Goodrich is in my untrained opinion one of the very best things Channel 5 has going for it, though indeed there aren't many. Love the badass photo of Ronn. "Foodie Chap" always looks as if he has some kind of indigestion

    1. Foodie Chap has caused a lot of indigestion.

  13. If I were Juliette I'd look for a new gig ASAP