Friday, November 11, 2016

415 Media Exclu: Veteran KGO-TV EP, Goldberger, Headed to KNTV; Adrouny Nabs Well-Respected Circle7 Producer

Bob Goldberger
Bob Goldberger leaving KGO
 A key, tenured, Exec Producer at KGO-TV is Leaving 900 Front and has been hired down the road by KNTV (NBC Bay Area)

Bob Goldberger has been at KGO for over a decade and is well liked and respected in the newsroom. It appears he's been poached by KNTV VP of News and former assistant ND at KGO, Stephanie Adrouny.

We sort of saw this coming.

Losing Goldberger is considered a "significant blow" to KGO, said an ABC7 source who told me "Bob is very knowledgeable, very talented, this is tough for us."

Image result for KGO TV NewsroomGoldberger was supposedly happy at Circle7 --but when offered a gig at KNTV ran at the chance to be working with Adrouny. Moreover, the veteran EP is also no fan of KGO ND, Tracey Watkowski-Silva. In fact, back in 2012, he and Watkowski had it out in a major newsroom dust-up.

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  1. What is so funny is the axe is about swing at both shops. The only question is what shop will have it worst? Both shops have pretty new sets...and both shops are now full of nubie kids.

  2. Now, He and Jessica can resume their love affair!!

    1. Jessica is a fine and hard-working anchor and reporter. And not, at least in my experience, a diva. Why make fun of her?

    2. We make fun of her, because that's what we do here.
      Maybe she has committed many felonies, and bullies small animals on social media.

      Did you personally vet her Mr Anon???...Mrs Anon?? Trans Anon??

      The media is broke, unreliable and deplorable.

    3. > Did you personally vet her Mr Anon???...Mrs Anon?? Trans Anon??

      Yes. Worked with her for many years.

  3. Huge lost for KGO. Bob was one of the best people there, if not the best. KNTV is getting better and KGO is getting worse. Thanks, Trixie! Maybe you should consider a food-taster.

    1. She eats garbage from Togo's on a near-daily basis. That would be torture for the taster.