Friday, September 9, 2016

415 Media Exclu: NBC Bay Area's ND, Adrouny, Already Going After KGO-TV People

Image result for Stephanie Adrouny NBC Bay Area Stephanie Adrouny, the recently-named ND at KNTV (NBC Bay Area) is already trying to poach KGO-TV talent; it figures, many people like Adrouny and she's well-respected.

Oh, and she also used to work at KGO.

I'll be watching and reporting back to you but don't be surprised to see KGO people popping up on KNTV.

Image result for stephanie adrouny kntv news director


  1. Hopefully she picks up Katie Marzullo and she gets the on air time she deserves.

  2. Let me see, who would you rather work for, an egotistical, maniacal know-it-all bitch whom nobody respects or a professional strong leader like Steph?

  3. Be careful KNTV'ers: Stephanie is a wolf in sheep's clothing. She's a clone of Tracey never know what she's really thinking and she believes in 'management vs. staff' philosophy'.
    She's told me before that she's not a people person and prefers to work in her office with her door closed. She also's very secretive with her personal life. That's fine when you're a lower level staff member, but not as the boss.
    Our newsroom always chuckles with KNTV's misguided i-team: bizarre and irrelevant story selection. Stephanie is smart, so perhaps she can guide that rudder-less ship.
    And yes, she's been contacting several people in our newsroom.

  4. All people in TV management fear Rich. I'm sure they wish they could eliminate this blog. But they can't. Haha!