Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Inside Story About KGO-TV's Ousted '7 On Your Side' Associate Producer, Ricquel Newman; Finney Still Furious; Watkowski At Center of Storm; Firing Wasn't Over Money; 415 Media Exclu

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Ricquel Newman
 On Wednesday I reported, exclusively, that KGO-TV Consumer Reporter, Michael Finney, was outraged over the termination of his longtime Associate Producer, Ricquel Newman.

News Director, Tracey Watkowski-Silva, fired Newman on Tuesday. Many industry insiders speculated that Newman's ouster was a financial move.

It was not.

Newman and Watkowski frequently butted heads and, according to an ABC7 source, "from day one when Tracey started here (2012) she and Ricquel didn't see eye to eye. There was frequent tension."

Image result for michael finney kgoThe official reason for Newman's firing was "performance-related" but that seems dubious given KGO's immensely popular, award-winning, "7 On Your Side", which is Finney's signature project and the station's lauded consumer-oriented franchise. It's been a Circle7 staple for over twenty years.

In fact, it appears from here that Newman was given the heave-ho because Watkowski finally had had enough with what she apparently deemed an internal threat. Never mind Newman's reputation as earnest and hard-working, some attributes that has Finney still shaking his head over her dismissal and fracturing his own relationship with Watkowski.

Finney is one of KGO's most popular and recognizable personalities, and thus, his angst over this questionable personnel matter has rumors swirling around 900 Front that Watkowski might be on the hot seat herself. Presumably when she fired Newman, she had to have the OK from KGO GM and President, Bill Burton. If so, Burton has, perhaps, a very disgruntled key part of the news operation (Finney) and an equally pissed-off newsroom.

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Tracey Watkowski-Silva


  1. Ironic that the whole point of "7 on your Side" is to help people who have been wronged by a business etc. Finney and Newman have been wronged...who do they call?

    Finney helped me out with a situation years ago and it worked out in my favor after nearly a year of frustration. Sorry to see those two have to go through something like this.

  2. How about the KGO team getting a group together and requesting San Jose's KNTV's Investigators to look into the situation?

  3. Or how about Ross Palumbo and KTVU's "investigative unit" looking into the Watkowski crap going on at that would be something I could watch. Hilarious

    1. The Big Man in the Flannel JacketOctober 6, 2016 at 11:15 PM

      News Directors Behaving Badly:

      "Pay attention to the woman on the left hand side of your screen. That is Channel 7 News Director Tracey Watkowski. She is hated by everyone in the newsroom. That's because she is always behaving badly..."

  4. Oh well, people got the power, they can do whatever they want. Look at Eric Thomas still going out to do the reporting when Kristen Sze is always indoor reporting the 5PM News. But, the current morning crew is such a waste except Jessica Castro and the traffic girl, a must keep for the two. Glad to see Jessica doing the special report as seen on the 4PM news.

  5. Just when one thinks Burton can't be so stupid enough to let this and other crap similar to this happen...

    1. Burton doesn't give a shit. He's an idiot, walking around the building with that stupid grin on his face. If only, he heard the whispers.

    2. If only, you knew how commas work!

      I'm sure he hears the whispers. He gets into his Jaguar and shuts the door and they're sealed out. Then he drives to his fancy home and goes inside and they're sealed out again.

  6. You wonder how long it will take KGO TV to turn out like KGO radio...

  7. KGO will always rule because of forward thinking managers in Burbank. However, bad morale can only be accepted so far. The newsroom loved Ricquel and hates Trixie.

  8. Did she "read the fine print"?

  9. Look-ee....I got yer nuts!
    ...and you can't have them back....


  10. If she isn't replaced it might be fiscal. Are they looking to fill the position?
    Hmm some anchor woman I would like to fill in a position.

    dang! I knew I couldn't just give a simple answer type question...