Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday KGO-TV Funnies; Watkowski Frets; Newman Might Be Lawyering Up; Today on the Chip Franklin Show; Lisa Argen; Ronn Owens; Brian Copeland; Ross Palombo; KRON; Cheryl Hurd; Oh, and Don't Forget Joel Murray

Image result for friday in san francisco If You Think the Michael Finney's AP-gets-dumped affair is no big deal then you have no clue about the negative vibe inside KGO's 900 Front Newsroom, a veritable negative morale with a bunch of unhappy troopers ticked off and pissed at Countess Watkowski.

Watkowski has managed to survive in spite of no people skills around her staff, a deluge of "issues" that have been settled by the lawyers, and a knack for having an ego the size of Alaska.

She's mostly got her way because her higher-up is pleased with the results but even he can't be happy over the latest brouhaha --we should know more soon.

*I wouldn't at all be surprised if Jessica Aguirre were to land at another station in the not so distant future. She and KNTV (NBC Bay Area) are at odds. Why? A wallet issue. Think green.

*You readers got it right. Of course I left out lightweight, vanilla wafer, Kate Scott being one of the most annoying women in Bay Area media. Scott says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but is given prime duties because she's a woman with sexual orientation tastes that provides thrills for her patsy co-workers not to mention horny truck drivers in San Leandro.

*Armstrong and Getty are right-wing hacks. That's cool, everyone has a right to voice their politics, even these two schlemiels. Only with these guys, they must think you're morons because they consistently try to camouflage their leanings with occasional interviews from liberal dimwits around the media world. You guys don't fool me. About time for another trip to Branson.

*Ronn Owens cozies up to Brian Copeland so he can tell his Seacliff friends that he gets along with the brothers. Translation: Ronnnn is about as hip with Black people as Mel Gibson is to Hadassah.

*KNBR: The Sports Leader --unless you're the Oakland Raiders, GS Warriors, and Oakland A's.

*Add Ricquel Newman KGO: she might be lawyering up which would give Disney and Billy Burton the shivers. And Trixie would have another issue on her plate.

*Clayton Kershaw is Peyton Manning. Madison Bumgarner is Tom Brady. I heard that on ESPN Radio.

*Larry Baer, of course, doesn't have an ego but there's a rumor in Pacific Heights Larry wants to build a status of himself outside AT&T Park.

*The item above was a joke but if the Giants win it all this year Larry might be able to build the statue and inherit Treasure Island all in one.

*Gasia Mikaelian and Heather Holmes: dedicated shoe journalists.

*If Heather gets any skinner she'll be hovering near the Karen Carpenter area.

*Joel Murray is a damn- near genius!

*Larry Gerston is about as interesting as an 8-week cryonics course.

*Today on the Chip Franklin Show: Chip interviews two men from Reno who swear they saw a woman who resembled the Loch Ness monster. Later, Chip talks to sex therapist, Dr. Isadora Mishigina about "women who masturbate" too early. And finally, Chip and Nikki talk to renowned pediatrician, Dr. Baldy McFuckface, about the medical repercussions of teens becoming creepy clowns.

*The Bay Area's best-looking shiksa: KGO's Lisa Argen.

*CSNBA's David Feldman: I thought I was superficial.

*KRON's Steve Aveson: Every woman's first husband.

*Pam Moore: Much respect for her until she let the asshole Bentley guy lampoon her. C'mon Pam, you're beneath that kind of shit.

*KRON, the Colma of TV stations in the Bay Area.

*Dear Cheryl Hurd: if you somehow split on him will you give me a call?

*Ross Palombo: another guy who must have pictures.

*Chip Franklin and Gil Gross: all the excitement of a pack of Canadian geese having sex.

*You won't read anything like this in Leah Garchik's column.

*Speaking of Leah, she had an exciting, zany column in the Chronicle today: 15 mentions each of Will Durst, Gerry Nachman, Michael Krasny, Gordon Getty, Janice Hough and Lee Housekeeper.

*Audrey Cooper, EIC of the Chron: really out of touch--she thinks Maureen Dowd is one of the Brady Bunch sisters.

*It's Friday, I need a drink.


  1. "KNBR: The Sports Leader --unless you're the Oakland Raiders, GS Warriors, and Oakland A's."

    And San Jose Sharks, who are defending Western Conference Champs and 3-1 in the preseason. Wonder if the morning frat boys will mention the season opener on Wednesday? Yeah, right.

  2. All KNBR has is the Giants and they're going to get swept by the Cubbies.

  3. Speaking of the Chronicle.
    We understand that a condition of employment with them is to maintain a disheveled and unkempt appearance.
    Hmmm . . .

  4. KNBR is the worst example of a sports radio station. They're a 24/7 advertorial for the Giants and any team they carry. And you failed to mention the Sharks as one of the teams they don't care about. I'd rather listen to white noise than to Rudy, Fatto, Fatnich and the morning dildos.

  5. (Submitted without grammatical evaluation):

    "She's mostly got her way because her higher-up is pleased with the results...."

    In the real world, that's all it takes.

    1. ...Until the higher-ups aren't pleased anymore. Then they blame you and act horrified that something that they ordered actually happened.

  6. still some static on ''the game'',95.7. a little fuzziness in the slam dunk dept. even digital radio cant erase fuzzies.

  7. @2:55 PM....Bob F deserves some grace period from comments/criticism due to his recent loss.

  8. I've never understood Rich's fascination with Lisa Argen. I'm guessing Rich is sexually attracted to Mr. Burns from the Simpsons as well.

  9. Good comparison of Kershaw/Bum and Peyton/Brady.