Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Happy Hour at 415 Media

Image result for Old-fashioned bar What they're saying at the bar Sunday Night...

Howard the attorney at Tommy's Joynt: "This Kap thing is bigger than I thought; I doubt he's on the 49ers roster when the season begins."

415 Media: Biggest sports/non-sports story of the year, so far.

Slick Sally at Original Joe's: "What's up with Ronn Owens --who was sick enough on Friday, Pat Thurston had to come in and finish the show on KGO?"

415 Media: This is not the only time it's happened. That's ominous.

Dorfman the ad guy at Oaks Card Club in Emeryville: "What the hell is going on at PIX!!?"

415 Media: Wait till what I write on Monday.

Sheila Marconi, real estate woman from Marin: "I think the new set at KGO is blasé --agree?"

415 Media: Well, I like it but it looks like a renovation of the old set. I see the same backdrop of the Bay Bridge --the weather gizmo looks decent enough.

Jimmie Duke, Irish DJ and bouncer --Quinn's Lighthouse, Oakland: "Does Bauer (Michael) only review restaurants in the city and Napa?"

415 Media: I read the Chron for the sports and Bauer's reviews and I agree with you 100%. Mike, any places in San Jose? Hayward? Get out of Healdsburg every now and then.

Last call.


  1. The ABC7 Set ... The Sports set looks like ESPN. Agree that the Bay Bridge is the same. Iwou;d have liked a new theme and bumper music as well. Also a better, flashier open.

  2. I can buy Ronnnnnn's excuse of meds ( think it was antibiotics ) and some of them have thrown me into a loop,
    I give him a pass on that. And Pat isn't all that bad.......