Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Point Counter-Point


Point: Frank Somerville is a thoughtful, passionate news anchor with compelling thoughts about life he posts on Facebook.

Counter-Point: Frank Somerville is a complete sanctimonious, overly righteous asshole who preys on his sycophants.

Point: Jan Wahl is a movie buff who loves Hollywood pictures.

Counter-Point: Jan Wahl is the biggest yenta in the business who raves about women movies and thinks every Cate Blanchett film is a classic.

Point: Ross Palombo is a competent news anchor who is a bit of misfit but reads copy adequately.

Counter-Point: Ross Palombo is a misguided, phony, drama schmuck with the news acumen of a pregnant hyena.

Point: The KNBR Morning Show is a great program for Giants fans and their client base.

Counter-Point: The KNBR Morning Show is a four-hour audio colonoscopy with enough anal warts to satisfy a Bangkok bordello. Dude!

Point: Darya Folsom has a big following on KRON.

Counter-Point: Darya Folsom is the most obnoxious, illiterate, narcissist in Bay Area TV News history. And the fake doughnuts aren't helping.

Point: Mike Mibach is a decent enough anchor who is thought-provoking and ground-breaking.

Counter-Point: Mike Mibach is a total disaster based on false emotion and passion.

Point: Raj Mathai is a breath of fresh air and provocative insight.

Counter-Point: Raj Mathai is more two-faced than all the Jokers combined on every Batman movie.

Point: Gasia Mikaelian is a spunky news anchor who is the life of the newsroom.

Counter-Point: Gasia Mikaelian is the most over-the-top yenta whose own news staff thinks she's an embarrassment to KTVU.

Point: Larry Krueger is quite knowledgeable about sports.

Counter-Point: Larry Krueger is the biggest talks-from-both-side-of-his-mouth, putz since the days of Milt Kahn.

Point: Damon Bruce is a serviceable sports radio host.

Counter-Point: Damon Bruce thinks his shit doesn't stink.

Point: Ronn Owens has the ego the size of California.

Counter-Point: Ronn Owens has an ego the size of Uranus.

Point: Reggie Aqui brings spirit to the KGO-TV Morning Show.

Counter-Point: Reggie Aqui is to "newsman" is what Mel Gibson is to bar-mitzvahs.

Point: Armstrong and Getty are quite hilarious.

Counter-Point: Armstrong and Getty are about as fun and exciting as a one-legged, blind, hooker with malaria.

Point: John Lund is a free-thinker.

Counter-Point: John Lund proves one thing: Darwin was wrong.

Point: Tracey Watkowski is a News Director who loves to take chances.

Counter-Point: Tracey Watkowski is a careless, obnoxious, prima donna with less people skills than a drunk southern pastor.

Point: Allen Martin is a good guy to have a beer with.

Counter-Point: Allen Martin is the kind of guy that puts orange juice in Jack Daniels.

Point: Chip Franklin is a real great listen and charmer.

Counter-Point: Chip Franklin has about as much charm and buzz as a used condom found on Turk and Eddy St.


  1. Point: Dr Bill Wattenburg is one the greatest men ever to shape America into the great country it is today. His love for Truth & American Justice knows no bounds & Greenville is truly blessed to have him as one of their citizens.
    Counter-Point: Bunghole!!!

  2. When I see Mike Mibach I think of William Hurt in Broadcast News.

  3. Rich is on FIRE!! I damn near lost my lunch on this one.
    Counter-Point: Ross Palombo is a misguided, phony, drama schmuck with the news acumen of a pregnant hyena.

  4. IF we are going to call down Dibley on his lisp,then it should be noted that Ross's has gotten more pronounced over the last few months.
    Ross,the late Keba..I guess a good strong voice means nothing in this day and age.

  5. Dam Rich, who nutted in your coffee?

  6. I like doughnuts.

    1. I've never met a doughnut I didn't eat.

  7. OMG! Over the top funny. And so true. Okay interns, go stick up for your pimps. Can't wait to see the reactions.

  8. Spot on, Rich! This should be a regular feature.

  9. Yet another list I'm not on. I swear I haven't made it in this market until I get on one of your lists, Rich. :)

  10. Point -- Leonardo DiCaprio never met a woman he didn't like.
    Counter Point -- Leo never met Roberta Gonzales

  11. "Counter-Point: Ross Palombo is a misguided, phony, drama schmuck with the news acumen of a pregnant hyena."

    Why the hate and insults thrown at pregnant hyenas?

  12. We must continue to protect Natasha from the evil-doers that reside here.

  13. Point: Claudine Wong should have her own newscast.

    Counter Point: It will never happen due to the haters who run
    Fox 2.

  14. Only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to criticizing Gasia Mikaelian; clueless, a constant false note, everything, EVERYTHING, about her persona, her delivery and her shocking lack of insight is a disaster...

  15. Point: Darya Folsom's boobs have a big following.

    Counterpoint: Darya Folsom is a boob.

  16. more point counterpoint. jon miller -worldy announcer ''chase Headly'' with English accent shows he's traveled -counterpoint- he acts as if his radio listeners can see what he's seeing maybe cause he's used to being on television a lot.

  17. Fake doughnuts! That was good Lieberman - keep it up

  18. Good point on Trixie the Wonder Witch TV News Director at the once mighty ABC 7. She's living large off smart decisions made by folks many moons ago.

  19. Point: Traffic reporting is a piece of cake, KPIX

    Counter Point: A daily train wreck, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL