Monday, July 25, 2016

The Little People Who Run The Show Should Know That KNBR/Cumulus Made 27 Million Bucks Last Year

 KNBR/CUMULUS made a little more than $27 million dollars last year so naturally they are right in not wanting to pay livable wages to their little people at the radio station--the little people who produce shows, run the board, get guests, and even do sports updates.

That's Twenty-Seven Millions buckos --enough for lots of brake jobs for the Bentley guy who supports Don Trump and has quietly worked behind the scenes to quash union activity and thwart any chance for the little people to earn a decent wage.

By the way, I'm not rallying for these boys to get their due compensation. They do a lot of talking and post insincere videos on You Tube. They feel entitled to get their money without putting up a fight. Cumulus Media is made up of sordid, evil, white men managers whose sole work regards quashing any sort of union --they come from Atlanta, remember, where the tone is softer and the fight is there is no fight.

The huge majority of the little people frat boys at Knibber failed to even show up at their own rally a few weeks back sponsored by Sag-Aftra. How does that look? KNBR management was laughing up a storm, I'm told, and the Tenderloin Bentley man was the first guy giggling --his partner was supposedly so concerned about his Update guy, someone named "Hughes", he asked if he could use his chair to put his KFC bucket there in case Mr. Hughes would be attending the rally.

Hughes didn't go. He wasn't alone. Maybe missing the presence of the Bentley guy was too taxing for the mind and another day of working at the Bleeder and giving Giants updates was worth the $12 an-hour even if that sucked.

Maybe these little people, god forbid, have to think of a plan. Maybe they could confront the big on-air people; the ones who make pretty good money-- enough for some of them to take a week off from their show to fly to Boston and New York to take in the Giants games and drink heavily and eat out.

Maybe they should ask the guy who drives the Bentley and openly laughs about paying Six Grand for a tune-up about why they are fussing and see his reaction. Perhaps then they might have the balls to actually do something --you know, little people, it's not in the Constitution that they have to pay you, you could certainly go find other work but realize it ain't coming your way simply because you deserve it.

But just remember, KNBR -Cumulus made 27 Mill last year while you were giggling with the Bentley guy. Maybe if you're lucky, he'll take you guys for a ride in the Tenderloin.


  1. Stop playing the Race card!!!!

  2. Yeah... or maybe we should just give them their moneys' worth on the board. Gee, whoops, didn't *mean* to make you sound like an idiot.... I guess that's what happens when you rely on McDonald's wages to produce your $27 million cash cow. Oh well....

  3. He supports Donald Trump? You sure about that, Rich? All I ever see on his Twitter are tweets knocking Republicans. His off the cuff remarks on KNBR always seem to be anti RNC as well. Odd statement by you. Plays right into the Democrat playbook tho.

    1. Anyone who knows Gary, knows that regardless what he says on the air, he likes Trump. Just like he liked the last guy, Romney.

  4. Well,he praises Sid Rosenberg who called Serena Williams an ape. See,Radnich with his black children still has Sid as an honored guest. As long as Sid doesn't attack GARY,its ok to think of the Radnich family as zoological.
    So,you think he's worried about fair wages for KNBR employee's?

  5. Or they can get another job that pays better?

    1. For God sake, don't let those morons go into food service.
      We will all die!

  6. Pretty sad that the minions who wanted better wages didn't show up en masse at their own rally. Where's the credibility? You people have no life. That's why you fetch Radnich's pipe and slippers and massage Fitzy's pee pee wang. McDonald's is hiring. And I'm sure Home Depot can use your help on the weekends.

  7. Previously you mocked Cumulus for losing money. Now you're ridiculing them for making money. Which is it?

  8. I'm in two minds about this - A) there have always been "glamor" industries that pay low just because so many people are attracted to them - publishing, ad agencies, sports

    B) I don't know any company where top salaried folks have fought for the little guys.

    That stated, in a perfect world it would be nice if the big dogs leant their muscle or support and I do think it's fair that a profitable company give a liveable wage. But more and more companies are appealing to stockholders vs. workers. It's just the way it is these days.

  9. United States of Corporatocracy. And a corporation is a person don't forget, and he is better and more deserving than you or me. So Murph gets 300k and Hughes gets 2 bits, it's all the same to Atlanta as long as that 27m goes to the right places.

    1. Murph should put his 300k salary to good use . . . like enrolling in an English as a Second Language class.
      Hey man? You know dude? Like wow man?
      Hey dude listen to my latest Bruce Springsteen record.

  10. I've never worked in a business environment where I expected coworkers who made more than me to go to my boss and insist that I get paid better. I've also never done it for coworkers who made less than me. Why is it expected in this scenario?

  11. I'm with the individual who said they can get a job that pays better.

    Radio is great, I enjoy it, but new media has displaced it, along with a lot of other businesses. Should Google or innovative bloggers (yourself for example) feel bad that these guys get paid jack from these large media companies that are trying to hang on.

    I think producing a radio show takes a fairly sharp person - you have to keep the show on pace, keep the talent in ilne, I imagine the skills required for the job has grown as they have less people doing things. But, it's not like they're not given options. This is San Francisco, these are young men with brains. Instead of asking for some pay increase from some large organization who gives a rats ass about people, do this:
    1. Figure out how much money you want or need to make
    2. Align your skill set with a job that pays well and matches your skill set
    3. Apply to one of the thousands of jobs available today that pay well, provide wonderful benefits and perks
    4. Quit working for a dying medium

    If you have a passion for it, then set up your own podcast and do it as a hobby, but don't act like Cumulus or any of these other companies owe it to you to pay you well. $25m isn't a ton, and who knows what their operating expenses are.

    I laugh at guys like PConn or however you spell it who has a pretty witty personality, does some good work for KNBR, yet thinks he's owed more money from KNBR. If he was considered "real talent", KNBR would give him a time slot, pay him $100k or so, and he'd be happy. But he's been there forever, he seems to spend his money on beer and cigs, and complains about a living wage.

    The dude can talk - put your fingers to a keyboard, put out a resume, hit the pavement and go into sales or something. But don't whine to us about not making a great salary in radio.

    That's like a reporter coming out of college and wondering why the Chronicle isn't going to pay them big bucks for covering the crime beat or something.

    1. Signed,
      VP cumulus,
      Atlanta GA