Monday, July 25, 2016


  --Look at what's happening Bay Area radio...The sharks are eating up the victims...again.

Many of you HATE me for my endless lack-of-tact rants against the likes of Cumulus and IHeart Media--companies that have destroyed great radio stations here and elsewhere.

They are people-less organizations that have no comprehension and scope of the devastation they cause.

They take you all for granted and treat you like the sheep you have become. I'm your greatest advocate and will continue to rail against this injustice but I'm a little tired now, overwhelmed too.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Keep up the rants Rich, we need your voice!

  2. Not at all Rich,although I don't always agree with you,your insights as far ss bay area radio are spot on. Some months back during your q&a I asked you where you see talk radio said its dead and here in the bay area it is. These soul crushing,heart stopping corporate entities from out of state that have no clue as to what is important HERE have fu©ked things up beyond recognition and then some. Its just sad.

  3. People don't like your rants against the bullshit on the radio? Are they zombies? Radio sucks in this market and in other markets, too. Wake up Bay Area! Stop being led like sheep. Use your brains.