Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gary Radnich Wants More Dough at KRON; Brian Van Aken to KRON: Screw You; KSFO Morning Show With Great Ratings Rewards Sussman; Allie Rasmus Is Not Gasia Mikaelian Which is Good; KTVU Sub Kills on 'MO2'; KGO Radio's 'Drex' Outraged Over Warriors Bump; Some People are Saying John Madden Might Be Done; Wednesday 415 Media Wash

Gary Radnich wants more money
 SURE, KRON amounts to the 'Little Sisters of the Poor' in the Bay Area's local TV News scene but don't tell that to GARY RADNICH.

The Bentley man and star sportsman anchor has quietly told station management  "Pay Me or Trade Me!"

It was a none-too-subtle threat that even though KRON is in financial muddle and the albatross king, Radnich wants his share of the financial pie. Radnich gets roughly $200K from KRON (a far cry from his reported $400K from KNBR Radio); Radnich wants his KRON salary roughly north of his KNBR deal. This comes from the guy who refers to his TV station as "my 'Buster Brown' gig."

Brian Van Aken is off to 30 Rock
*BRIAN VAN AKEN, another KRONvict, is headed to NY to escape KRON, and go to work for NBC and "The Today Show". I reported on Tuesday that Van Aken saw the handwriting on the wall and decided to take a prestigious network gig as opposed to deal with KRON's penchant for hiring only women on its weather staff.

Although he has family here and loves the Bay Area, Van Aken, who is well-liked by the staff, decided enough was enough and took the 30 Rock gig; good for Van Aken.

KSFO Morning Show tonsils Brian Sussman and Katie Green
*KSFO Morning Show host, Brian Sussman, got a nice renewal from Cumulus --the ratings for conservative "Hot Talk" 560 were off the chart. I'm not a big fan of Suss' politics but the show has become a lot more listenable and entertaining; sidekick, Katie Green, who months ago I couldn't stand has become a lot more polished and yes, entertaining. Although the incessant anti-Hillary Clinton sound bites have become tiresome, KSFO's Morning Show has made a dramatic improvement.

Allie Rasmus
*KTVU Hot Property Department: reporter/anchor Allie Rasmus --STAR POWER.

Rasmus recently co-anchored the station's weekend and weekday "Mornings on Two" providing a welcome respite from the shameless self-promoter, Gasia Mikaelian.

Rasmus delivers a crisp, no-nonsense, news read with sincerity and straight-forwardness --she's not mugging for the camera and doesn't insult her viewers. It's a far cry from Dracula Girl.

Gasia Mikaelian hogging the back camera at KTVU
Furthermore, Rasmus doesn't talk like a pirate. What a breath of fresh air.

*EVENING FALLOUT at KGO RADIO: The doofus that hosts talk from 7-10 PM, "Drex" is OUTRAGED! over being bumped on Monday Night in favor of a Warriors Game.

That's right. Dreck was pissed that Cumulus decided to air the Warriors-New Orleans game, both on KNBR 1050 and KGO. (The Giants meaningless spring-training game was broadcast on KNBR 680 which necessitated the usage of 1050 and KGO.)

Drex has no ratings on KGO Radio
This means a couple of things: The Dreck Show has no ratings and Cumulus doesn't give a damn about one of its core hires. I hope Drex is still renting.

*NO ONE is saying a word about the condition of JOHN MADDEN, who continues to recover from open-heart surgery --Madden hasn't been on his KCBS broadcasts since last November --he's also been absent from his national radio broadcasts --there are those in the biz who have quietly said that they wouldn't be surprised if Madden was done.

John Madden


  1. I heard Madden had a stroke & that's why nobody's talking.

  2. The Drex pre-emption made me think of something. KNBR shifted the Warriors to 1050 and KGO because of a Giants preseason game. WTF - The Warriors are gearing up for a season win record and second championship and feature three of the top 15 jersey sellers in the league and they get bumped for a Giants cactus league game at night. Shows how well they must do in the ratings. I thought it was a travesty myself. The Warriors deserve better. And the Giants don't deserve that venue for friggin' preseason.

    1. KNBR is a member of the ownership group that owns the Giants so that is the reason they broadcast pre-season games. The Warriors and KNBR have a contract, which shifts games in conflict to KNBR 1050, and now KGO.

    2. KGO should flip formats to sports in place of 1050. The signal is too strong for the garbage talk they are putting out there. Station costs too much money and they're never going to recover what they invested. They should make KFOG Sports as well because the Game is going to kill them long term.

  3. Fatnich wants more $$$? What a joke. He's a joke. He and Lowenstein should pack it in and beat it. Their time is past. Fatnich should do infomercials for male erection pills.

    It's interesting that the morons who run KNBR feel it's necessary to use 1050 and KGO, a stronger signal, to air a Warriors game. Common sense would dictate that the Giants go to the other stations, considering it's a meaningless Spring Training game, but with Larry Baer the Putz running the station -- he does, don't kid yourself -- it won't happen.

    Hope John Madden is OK.

  4. Gary knows if he doesn't act now, his renewal may never happen due to the pending MG sale.
    If he can stick MG with the new contract then fine...but MG's trimming everything(again) so he is probably screwed at KRON.

  5. Thank you for giving Sussman a little bit of praise, Rich.

    You may not agree with his politics however he is interesting to listen to. Like Pete Wilson, it's one of those hosts that you don't realize youll miss hearing them on the radio until the day they're no longer on the radio. I can argue the same could be said for Ronn and even Gary.

    1. brian Sussman is nothing like Pete Wilson, Pete was much more balanced, his years as a news person clearly showed, he would give a very sober, well thought out analysis of a subject, not just throw something out for chock value. Not only is Brian's and Katie constant bashing of Hillary (and I'm not a big Hillary fan) and Obama tiresome, their constant beating up on Joe Biden and trying to portray him as not too intelligent is even worse. They have gotten better, and have eliminated some of their stupid noises and other weird features, but there is still lots wrong with their show. This morning when Obama announced his pick to succeed Scalia, they especially Brian was all over the story, how this judge must be a liberal, nothing to back it up, just saying what the thinks his audience wants to hear.

  6. Poor Katie Green had to sell her soul to get the gig with Sussman. Agreeing with all his hate and BS and bashing Hillary and Obama all morning. What a job to be proud of..smh

    1. 12:54- Katie Green didn't sell her soul. She is a true believer coming from a very Conservative family. And like her family, she is no fan of Liberals. So she is a perfect fit for the 560's Right Wing chatfest

    2. do very conservative families like fake breasts and consistent drunkenness in the office after walking in after baseball games? I am not sure of the value system.

  7. Because 1) I don't live in the Bay Area and don't know any of these people except for Madden and B)I only look at the pictures, here is what I have to say:

    1. Dang, that Van Aken dude has a huge melon. No wonder he's going national.
    2. Katie and Alie both have really beautiful eyes.
    3. I don't understand why "news people" are always mugging for the camera like the Gasia girl. She looks really unprofessional and I don't want my news from an idiot.
    4. The Drex guy looks like he took that picture himself and is a very lonely guy.
    5. John Madden has great hair for an older guy and Gary Radnich should be wearing a tie.

    There I said it - means nothing.

  8. Congratulations to Brian Van Aken. He may not be a 'pretty boy' but he certainly seems to know his weather. I look fwd to seeing him on the peacock.
    And I don't get your infatuation with Allie Rasmus. She is Sacramento quality at best. Gasia may be way too type-A for you, but she is strictly following mgmt's orders. Can't blame her for that. Oh, wait... you'd rather she walk out on a 6-figure job to show her integrity...
    John Madden has not been at church in months, either. I wish him well. He is a good man.

  9. Gasia is a midget, thus she over compensates with the massive ego.

  10. I listen to Brian and Katy on some mornings after I cross the Santa Cruz mountains...their signal doesn't cross the mountain.

    They are so AM, KFRC corny on politics and jokes it's embarrassing. Brian is the nerd that tries to be cool or a tough guy and is a joke that you have to laugh. Maybe that's his shtick. It works because I laugh at all his tough guy remarks and his gun stuff.

    Katy is his straight man to his idiot and plays it well. I can't believe she's that stupid so she has to be his straight man.

    It works for an entertaining morning show. Much like Howard Stern. Plenty of laughs.

    1. Yeah the KSFO Morning Show is a lot like Howard Stern.

      And there we have it. The dumbest and least insightful comment ever posted on Rich's website.

  11. I've liked Allie Rasmus for a long time, since before I saw Rich posting about her. Hope she is successful.

  12. Katie is starting to grow up and looks like a pretty young woman now

  13. I'm not in the business so I don't know but I'm asking...does paying six figures to a sports anchor actually move the needle? Do they have studies justifying the expense? I know of no one that chooses their newscast based on sports. Sports fans get their fix via internet, ESPN, or CSN. Seems money could be better spent on an extra news crew.

    1. Call his bluff. he's not going to leave the Bay Area and who else would hire him at half the KRON rate?