Monday, February 1, 2016

KPIX is hoping There's No Bay Area Earthquake This Week For Some Reason


If you stare at the boob tube this week and I'm betting you will be --particularly Sunday, you're going to see spruced-up newscasts, tighter stories, and fresh-faced teleprompter-ready news and sports anchors. Because, chances are, there's thousands of visitors in town taking a look at the local news, radio and newspapers.

Hell, the Chronicle even looks good and fresher.

This is one of the few advantages of Super Bowl week, from a media standpoint. Nobody wants to look bad, look stupid, or appear aloof. There's fresh eyeballs out there. About a million plus of them. Even the weather people will be in their sartorial splendor and then some.

Watch out for Roberta Gonzales --this could be a historical week for extra perkiness. Roberta won't be the only one.

Oh my god, and the LIVE SHOTS. KPIX has gone on lockdown--Its "Countdown to 50" is out of control.  Ken Bastida just tackled Cam Newton.

Elizabeth Cook walked in 855 Battery and was humming the Peyton Manning "Nationwide" jingle.

PIX better hope there's no big Bay Area earthquake.


  1. I am SO GLAD...that the Niners or Raiders are not in the Super Bowl! Can you imagine just how extra sickening/over-the-top the coverage would be ramped up especially if the Niners were in it???

  2. The only earthquake will be Jan Wahl leaping off of her Sleeptrain mattress to grab that runaway hamburger.

  3. Rich, I am a time traveler from the future sent back in time to warn you idiots about the huge earthquake that hit the Bay Area on Super Bowl Sunday February 7, 2016.
    It was a 7.7 magnitude centered under the Hayward Fault near Oakland that struck at 4:18PM
    Miraculously, none of you idiots were killed because no one cared about it.
    Everyone was busy looking at their smartphones all day and never bothered to look up to watch the Super Bowl (which was won by the Denver Broncos 27 to 13)or run for their lives from the earthquake.
    I am here to change history and will try to prevent the earthquake from ever happening.
    Since I am here, I will let you idiots know that Jeb Bush won the Presidential election in November 2016.

  4. See what one can learn at 415 Media?

    I didn't know that was Peyton Manning on the Nationwide commercial.

  5. I just saw Rosemary Orozco reporting from Super Bowl City wearing a tight Super Bowl jersey. Man, what a figure she has!

  6. Found KPIX firework coverage to be poor.