Thursday, October 1, 2015

Honestly Speaking, Welcome To The Raw 415 Media Thursday Darts; Nobody's Safe; Keeping It Real

 IF YOU THINK I'm harsh on Cheryl Jennings you should talk to her ex-husband.

*The KTVU Gestapo has instructed the working stiffs (including all anchors and reporters) to cease talking to me only the problem there is I talk to folks way above that pay grade. So Greg and Dana, time to reinvent your playbook.

*Oh, Bill Burton at KGO: If Trixie suddenly has renewed interest in Fresno? Let her walk. Staff already has reservations for six tables at Grumpy's. The tequila will be flowing.

*KPIX: Yo, Veronica: New York in January? What the hell. At least the bars are better than Ess Eff--GAME ON!!

*Young women who read teleprompters on a Thursday Night at the St. Regis? I'm there. Especially, you, the one who blatantly tried to cozy up to me and tell her boss that I, uh, well, you know. Sounds good on paper --too bad it never happened.

*Speaking of women, if any of you current KRONvicts have been hit on against your wishes, contact me, let's talk.

*Once again (and again and again and again) the lowel-level sports guys at KTVU are waging war against senior anchor, Mark Ibanez because Ibanez gets all the perks. He's entitled to it but that Fonzi and Reiss guy insist otherwise. Applebaum? They barely know you. Matter of fact, they really don't care.

*Somebody said they had some guys on an alleged KRON sports show Sunday night and it was some of the most unintentional laughter since Henry's garden show.

*Vicki Liviakis is not available, sorry boys, I've even tried.

*Cheryl, it's not the ultra plastic and botox it's the 'tude! Get a grip. The ego has run amok. Might be worthy of a Sunday topic. Plus, you can go real in-depth.

*The last woman on TV News that had any sort of gumption here was Kate Kelly. The magic word is: presence. Sure, it helps to be beautiful but you have to learn presence. Trust me.

*If Justine Waldman wants a gig at MSNBC they'd love to talk.

*The KRON digital guy got a promotion: he gets to wash Darya's car too.

*THIS JUST IN: Brian Copeland and Ronn Owens will have duel manicures on Union Street and broadcast live on KGO, brought to you by the DeeeBEEEGeeeBeeWeebieGeebie company.

*Gary Radnich actually said the Giants had an OK season. What the hell does he think he is, a sports guy?

*More sports talk, in fact, jarring news: The Game's (95.7 FM) John Lund failed to talk about his penis now for the eighth straight day.

*Happy Talk is fine when the talk is sincere and people really have faith in the anchors talking. It's a sort of sincerity thingie.

*Alan Martin is really, really, smiling a lot lately. Has he begun executing the Claudine Wong playbook? AAAAARRR!!!

*KTVU/Fox2 on Halloween --should be quite a party on Channel 2. Can't wait.

*In response to 2's "Talk Like a Pirate" Day, rumor has it KRON mulling "Talk Like an Eskimo."

*Natasha Zouves: Perky is fine, honey, really, but when talking about Syria and Russia, might be wise to can the phony smile and disposition --it really makes you look like a ditz. Everything else is OK, though.

*I think KCBS, KGO Radio, and KTVU could use another woman reporter.

*Great line by someone I forgot: You know why Donald Trump doesn't read the bible? He's not in it.

*Gil Gross: oatmeal radio.

*Cumulus rally cry: "At least we're not Enron!"

*KFOG: Does anyone really listen to you guys anymore? I mean, real people who would admit it. Not counting Marin housewife with beehive hairdo club who digs listening to John Mellancamp.

*Frank Somerville: You are still the king but quit trying to be KTVU's Jim Nantz

*Dear Sarah and Vinnie: One of your sidekicks has a certifiable knack for e-mailing me sweet somethings. Might be time for a staff meeting.

*Jessica Aguirre: If you ever break up with hubby, you have my number.

*BREAKING NEWS! on Today's Gil Gross show, Gill does a 5-minute phoner with a guy in South Dakota who says he made love to a chimpanzee!

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  1. Rich, you just keep doing what you're doing! You being harsh on Cheryl Jennings is like me being harsh on my drawers after a trip to Arby's. Let 'er rip!!!

    1. I'd like "Famous Bowel Movements" for $400, please, Alex.

      Who is Christine Craft?

      That is correct!

  2. Speaking of KRON women, Anny Hong and Michelle Apon seem to be less visible while Darya continues to be overexposed.

  3. "*Natasha Zouves: Perky is fine, honey, really, but when talking about Syria...might be wise to can the phony smile and disposition --it really makes you look like a ditz."

    "Perky" has no place in a newscast being anchored by Dan Ashley. Ever the skillful pro, he adds a great deal of credibility to every segment while Zouves' kid-like persona makes it clear she has no business being seated next to him.

  4. I am so tired of listening to John Lund. He is constantly interrupting Greg Papa, and then unfortunately he brings Papa down to his level with his low-brow 'guy- talk where he gets into penis sizes, etc. Why the Game ever hired this dweeb in the first place is a mystery to me. Must have been another one of former PD Jason Barrett's brilliant moves before he was pushed out the door.

    1. the soft porn is absolutely disgusting! AND it goes on and on and automatic turn off. a *literal* turn off!

  5. You seem a little cranky today, Rich, but I have to ask the question:

    Why would anyone ever listen to 95.7 aside from Raiders and A's games?

  6. I've mentioned on here before how dumb the Darya/Radnich morning features are on the KRON morning broadcast. 3/4ths of the time, Radnich sounds totally disinterested as he's driving into KNBR. Yesterday, on his KNBR show they talked about Adam Morrison, former NBA player, who apparently never took a shower after games. Radnich told his co-host, Krueger, it was a dumb topic and one he'd already had to talk about this morning with a news host who knew nothing about sports and picked some dumb topic to talk about every morning.

  7. KFOG is in dire need of a format flip. Musically they are a train wreck playing new stuff alongside Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, and 1980s music. The morning show is pure dreck. Half of the time they are talking about juvenile stuff that has nothing to do with whatever audience they are targeting. I prefer KUFX out of San Jose, much better music mix.

  8. @10:35
    The Darya/Radnich segment is indeed idiotic, much of it celeb gossip and stupid stunts. But don't expect much. After all, this is the "sports" guy who told Darya that Aaron Rodgers was drafted 22nd and the "sports" guy who didn't refute Krueger's claim that Real Madrid is part of the "Premiership" when it's actually a La Liga club.

    1. I don't expect many Americans who don't follow soccer very closely to know that Real Madrid isn't in the EPL, And I certainly don't trust Krueger to talk semi-intelligently about any sport other than football. It was funny the other day because a caller called KNBR questioning Kaepernick's intelligence. Gary said you had to be careful about doing that as a sports talk radio host. Krueger didn't say a word because he was fired from KNBR last time for calling Hispanic baseball players "brain-dead Caribbean hitters" and Giants manager, Felipe Alou, had him fired.

  9. Gil Gross talking to a cucumber in a 15 minute interview!

  10. I hope the KTVU prankster goes to KRON, and blurs out Darya's "points of interest" whenever she was on camera...

  11. Apparently Diane Tuazon gets a pass....
    So trashy.

  12. "...the other day...a caller called KNBR questioning Kaepernick's intelligence. Gary said you had to be careful about doing that as a sports talk radio host. Krueger didn't say a word..."

    Read 12:01 and ask yourself whether either of them is really in a position to comment on anyone's intelligence.

  13. The person who said that Trump does read the bible because he's not in it was seemingly anonymous presidential candidate - Bobby Jidal. It was the only memorable thing he has said.

  14. The correct name for the seemingly anonymous presidential candidate is Bobby JiNdal. Might also be the only funny thing he has said. Never listened to him much, but he seem pretty uninteresting, and way to the right.