Friday, May 29, 2015

A Small Mutiny at KRON

 --The natives have just about had it. The guy running the show? His ace snitch has been tagged. Staffers--even the dumb 20-something millennial "producers" just had a quiet powwow at Grumpy's.

Supposedly, on Monday, corporate (Media General) is going to receive a laundry list of the present woeful working conditions, like, the ND who habitually wreaks havoc on some of his workforce while ignoring some others, like a certain female worker in the morning.

We've been down his path before--we'll, sort of ... Media General tends to let one of its biggest stations just wander down albatross lane. This time might be different especially if some of the gripes result in phone calls to lawyers.

KRON doesn't need this, mind you because the GM yenta has no clue on how to run a TV station. Even the snitches--and there's plenty of human flesh to go around--are nervous.

We'll await the developments and see if something sticks.


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  1. Perhaps Stanley Roberts can document the People Behaving Badly and give us the Backstory.

  2. A mutiny at KRON and only Rich Lieberman knows about it...

    1. No, Mr. Sarcasm! It's "A mutiny at KRON and only Rich Lieberman is talking about it."

      Most of us appreciate the fact that Rich keeps us informed about what goes on behind the scenes at the local media outlets. That's why we come here.

  3. How come you haven't mentioned the new permanent PM weather guesser at KRON? The news is already out on her. She's in town and will probably start in short order.

  4. They cant be happy that they are on a tight - very tight- schedule according to backstory,while old man Radnich doesn't even cover home games- home championship games.
    Before Radnich tomorrow falls on his usual "I would prefer to stay with my family and watch it on tv" infering he's a great that makes the local Sports Directors of other channels bad fathers? Kate a terrible partner? Krueger abandons HIS family unlike the righteous Radnich?
    Pero,just throws KRON money down the personal coverage of the Championship series by the KRON advertised "Best sports anchor in the bay area"?.
    Does that make sense?
    KRON pushing that everybody works at double speed...uhuh.

  5. Well if there is a "small mutiny" at KRON, thank god Aaron has Darya and her flotation devices if they're thrown overboard.

  6. By the power of that which is my Anus, I command thee!! Attack!! Texas, Bicth!! Yaeh!!

  7. The mutants need to get in line.

    Media General has 42 other TV stations with similar problems.

    Just how much asbestos was found at 1001 Van Ness?

    1. I suspect this is their business model which works fine in any other town but San Francisco.

      My prediction? MG will get sick of all the bullshit and sell the station.

  8. Rootstick.....Media General will make tons of money when the bandwidth is auctioned off. You wreck something because it's wreck-able. That was all it ever was.