Sunday, November 16, 2014

KRON Has To Shed Little Sisters Of The Poor Image; Move Into New 900 Front Building Inspires Hope For Personnel

 As KRON slowly moves into its new digs, (in the 900 Front/ABC building that houses KGO-TV), it has to shed its little sisters of the poor image and take advantage of what it does best: provide a consistent, if modest and lean, all-news product to Bay Area viewers.

A KRON staffer told me that morale, while most of the time still in the dumper, has become a bit more cheerier as personnel gets entrenched in its new Embarcadero studios. Where 1001 Van Ness was a windowless stale edifice, the splashy waterfront office if nothing else, inspires hope and inspiration for a work force that desperately needs both.

KRON is still an albatross but what it does have going for it can be maximized and utilized --outside the constant 24/7 barrage of infomercials and third-tier programs, is a dedicated, if sometimes sloppy news force that can churn out some decent news content for a market that is capable of supporting a variety of news operations.
KRON 4's James Fletcher shows off the new view KRON's issues, and it has plenty, has to do with its meager corporate budget; fewer camera trucks and equipment; horrific mismanagement galore orchestrated by News Director, Aaron Pero, who is universally despised by most of the rank and file. Pero runs the newsroom like he's some brute dictator on a mission to demoralize everyone in the building. He's done a great job, supposedly. Until someone at Media General, (KRON's corporate owner), gets in Pero's face and reads him the riot act, Pero will continue his reign of fear and loathing. One would hope the new address may inspire Pero to change his tactics. Don't hold your breath.

KRON will never be a NY1 but it can and does have extra time for newscasts. The 8PM show is sharp and consistent if occasionally dull. But so what, bring us news. KRON's staple of reporters are not the most highlighted but are hard-working and pretty good for the most part.

We often take quality anchors for granted here but keep in mind the presence of seasoned veterans like Pam Moore, Catherine Heenan, Vicki Liviakis, and yes, his sports highness himself, Gary Radnich.

Because of its own status as an independent and not beholden to network obligations, KRON can take a negative and turn it into a mild positive. Sure, it hasn't happened for over twelve years and there's nothing to indicate a dramatic departure from the present. It is what it is, as the cliche goes but that doesn't mean the station has to go into a deep retreat. It has much too many good news people.

Time will tell.

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  1. KRON dropped the ball on what should have been easy ratings -the World Series- even the playoffs up to the WS. They- unlike all the other channels- have a Sports director who also is employed by a sports radio station,that is partially owned by the Giants. Meaning,many inside views and stories,wouldn't you think? Instead that SD showed European soccer highlights.
    Darya is the hip one..where was she also? Stanley Roberts..nada on the WS. Like it was just another week in September- October.
    And that having an employee hold microphones on behalf of KRON and KPIX in the locker room? cheap and low budget to the extreme. You could just hear Radnich and O'Donnel smiling at getting out of working.
    And last but not 2,5,7 all do alternate broadcasts for the local small channels. KRON is not wanted-lol.

    1. Stanley Roberts nada for the WS? Then what the hell is this?

  2. Wow, it looks as if very few people care about KRON anymore, save for Stan. BTW Stan, what is the source of your anger toward Radnich? I've gotten tired of his old Las Vegas lounge act too, but you take the vitriol toward this guy to a new level.

    Incidentally, who the f....cares a whit about Aaron Pero? From what I can tell, he's just another frustrated, angry, bullying media front office type who loves to hear the sound of his own voice while watching his underlings tremble in fear.

  3. You can't be "universally-hated" by most of the rank-and-file. You are either hated by most or universally-hated. The two are mutually exclusive concepts.

    And believe me, Pero is, except for the morning anchor he's shagging, universally-hated. And who knows, maybe even she despises him.

    1. "You know why you last? You have talent!"..Radnich's line to Darya. Its his inside joke that means you give a great happy ending to Pero..

  4. For those who do watch KRON - unlike yours truly - better hope that Pero & Raddy get into a fallout. Then maybe Channel 4 may turn in the right direction again. Of course, don't hold your breath - neither is getting near the other.

  5. Wait is Pero the guy thats dipping it in Darya? How does Gary fit into this? Are they all dipping it in each other?

  6. Very nice, thoughtful, intelligent observations and questions from 7:03pm. That's really what we need to hear; rumors about a 'three-some' at KRON.

  7. How does Media General not know what is going on with the tyrants that run KRON? How do they allow this dysfunction to continue?