Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Sunday Morning Before We Get Down To Business

{Maroon 5}

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  1. Speaking of Sunday Morning, did Rabbi Lapin just lose one hour from his Sunday radio show on KSFO 560 am? I turned on 560 at 7 am today, and did not hear him, I heard a Finance Advice show hosted by Jill Fleischman. I know Bob (The Happiest Gardener) has lost his last hour, so, it would not surprise me to see the same fate befalling My Rabbi. I really do hope they don't go away completely. No radio station seems to give a good Gee Dee what the listeners think.

  2. Getting down to business . . .

    Nationally syndicated “Jill on Money” has replaced “Rabbi Daniel Lapin” on KSFO Sunday 6-8 a.m. schedule, following 5-6 a.m. “This Week in Review” and “America This Week.”

    Live and local “…Lapin” has been canceled, indeed, seemingly without advance publicity. According to personal e-mail, he was called last Monday, one day after his final KSFO broadcast. “I’m finished at KSFO,” he wrote.

    Henceforth, The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Radio Show will be heard every Sunday from 7-7:50 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, (10-11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time) via Internet only at http://www.W4CY.COM.

    See confirmation on Rabbi Lapin's Facebook at

    1. Thank you for the information. I was extremely upset that the Rabbi was not on KSFO this morning and wondered what happened. It is a true shame of what has become of this station that started out so well about 20 years ago. The management seemingly cares nothing for the audience and forgets that without one the station will eventually die off. My family listens only occasionally to Limbaugh, most of the time to Savage, only occasionally to Levin and never to Hannity. Beck was always too chatty Cathy for us, like a bunch of hens clucking away, so we didn't listen to him. The two early morning show hosts during the week are not worth our time to listen to. We gave them a few try outs but they are so disrespectful, rude and screechy it is downright painful. Bye, bye, KSFO it was nice to have known you. We are back to music and for news we tune in to another station.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that we have lost our Rabbi on Sunday Morning. I liked him. I;m not at all surprised. The station seemed to be moving him from one twilight hour spot to the other, as if hoping he would get frustrated with being jerked around and decided to quit on his own. I think at one time Lapin was on in the afternoon, then evening, then something else. I;m sure he and his wife saw the direction the station had chosen. Not surprising that they would not tell him till after his last broadcast. If Hanna, one of his most devoted callers (regular listeners will know who she is) had found out ahead time, she may have had her daughter drive her down to the radio station to complain face to face. Maybe now, Hanna will form that ladies group of advanced thinkers the Rabbi always encouraged her to start. Oy Vey!