Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NBC Bay Area Anchor Janelle Wang on Medical Leave

 NBC Bay Area anchor, Janelle Wang, has been off the air for several weeks and people have been asking me if there's something up.

Wang is on medical leave and due to be back on the station later in the month.

I was told she's OK and that her condition was nothing serious. "She'll be back soon--she's a trouper", said a broadcast source familiar with the situation.

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  1. Rich...is there any news on Heather?

  2. Nothing about Opening Day Rich ?

  3. Re Liz? My sources tell me Ken is waffling.

    I've been off on the sidelines, trying not to take a position. Now I must.

    After all of this fooferaw the diagnosis seems pretty simple, Liz is overflexing her facial muscles, not uncommon in people who are out of their depth.

    Overflexing unfortunately causes an unfriendly look - as if she's frightened - thereby trying too hard by overcompensating. And that's when we all begin to wonder about the veracity of what she's reporting. Not good!

    Look at Ken, Allen, Ann(s), Juliette. Notice how relaxed their faces appear?

    Unfortunately, other than getting her off camera I just don't see any remedy.

  4. She'll be missed.

  5. Yes she will! I like those 'easy on the eyes' anchor-women (as Rich refers to them). Hope you're feeling better Jannelle!