Sunday, March 23, 2014

Karel Blurts out F-Bomb Live on KGO ; Update 2: Correction: Used "Butt" Word and Not F-Word

A reader informs me Karel dropped the f-bomb on his KGO Radio Show around 7: 21 PM Sunday night.

Here's the rant and Karel blurting out the "You don't give a rat's fuck!" UPDATE: Another reader says he heard the tape and says the word he heard was "butt"--after listening to the tape I hear the F-word and have received e-mails from people who heard what I heard including the original person. If Karel wants to clarify, he's welcome to do so.
(check : 20: 56)

Forget what he was talking about--it's a wonder he's still on the air.

After tonight this latest on-air bluster from the guy who got fired over remarks about Joe the Plumber might be his latest pink-slip to oblivion.

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UPDATED clarification : After listening to the tape about 10 times, indeed it does now sound as if Mr. Karel used the word, "butt" and not "fuck." It's hard to make out at first but audible.

We apologize to Karel for the error.


  1. Wasn't that the magic word he said that got him fired last time? Will he never learn? Different ownership then. Wonder what these guys will do.

  2. I'm no fan of Karel, in fact I usually tune him out. I liked him before he became a bitter queen with no money or boyfriend. He was a breath of fresh air when he arrived at KGO many years ago. Not anymore. However; I just heard the audio and he clearly said "rat's butt", if he said as you allege the f word then how does that make any sense? "Rat's fuck"!? Never heard that expression...

  3. Wish I could have heard this. I did have him on for a bit tonight when he was yelling "call in and give me 1 good reason why you shouldn't be able to bring dogs onto beaches in California or into stores", "they are allowed to do it in Ireland", etc. I seriously considered calling in and saying, "Because people are fucking idiots. Everyone thinks THEIR dog is so so good and would neverrrrr hurt anyone". I've seen the opposite, numerous times. Sometimes it's not the dog tho, it's the idiot fucking owner that doesn't clean up after the dog, that lets it shit and keeps walking. The dog that gets too aggressive towards people, children and other dogs (i.e. Hispanics and their pit bulls). Moronic rant on the radio. THAT is why. And this is all from a dog owner. (

    1. Anon@11:47am, Obviously a non-Hispanic dog owner. Wow, you must be a really miserable person.

    2. 10:29 what's with the race baiting? He was simply stating most pitbulls are very aggressive dogs (check the news for any and all dog attacks) and that they are predominantly owned by Hispanics. Are you mad he left out Chihuaha's?

  4. It is unfortunate that after saying "I feel like swearing tonight," he came so close to dropping the f-bomb, but did, clearly say "rat's butt" this time.

    The sad thing is this. From a management perspective, Karel has gotten so weak and so "unhip" and totally irrelevant, he thinks he is the Richard Pryor or Redd Fox of talk radio. With his "pisses me off, rat's butt, a-hole, ass hat" etc, he thinks this paltry vocabulary bring "more scinitillating talk radio" to his "show." It does not. Even as a "shock talker" which he isn't.

    His screeching, his "I need a boyfriend bad" and his fiery queen routine doesn't have a place, now, and even gays reject him not respect him. If he can tell people in public to 'shut the fuck up' as he does in front of his colleagues, he is so close to being a liability again to KGO, if not one now. Why management puts up with his needless pandering and potty mouth is beyond anyone. Stern can do it on satellite because it's not regulated. Karel does it because he has no better sense not to. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    I'm hearing Karel''s contract was up on the 17th of March. I hope there is abundant review. He's nervous and desperate and it shows. He is now trying too hard to be what he's not. Please, someone, put him out of his misery. Dismiss him, now, and don't be threatened by the threat of qay person files suit. Just be done with it and change direction with this queen.

  5. Rich showing his true colors.


    This comments section will remain limited as Rich hopes it just fades away.

  6. The worst part of this F--kGate, is that we are forced to contemplate the active occurrence of a Rat-F--King at all. I thought rats came from rotten Easter Eggs ready to bite all the bad children who didn't go to Mass.

  7. Why apologize ? You never let facts get in your way.