Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another Day at the CNN-PNN 'Breaking News' Center


  1. Very funny and true, Rich! This is GOLD. Remember, those "100% prime time" increqases in the 25-54 demo - beating Fox and O'Reilly only meant this: A 600,000 cume, beating O'Reilly by not much in that most "sellable" of demographics. Overall, in primetime, CNN still finished 3rd behind Fox and MSNBC. Fox still cumed over 2 million - CNN not even close.

    Zucker is an idiot. Marty Savidge has done a great job in that simulator, but must have butt sores by now. Repititious, false starts, Don Lemon is a fake and Anderson sounds and looks bored doing the same thing over and over.

    CNN will be buried over this for a long time to come.

    The animation of that plane leaving Kuala Lumpor and making a big left turn has now left a groove in my flat screen. It's been on too much. Waaaaay too much, just like this coverage.

    Sorry very much for the souls lost, but "All right, good night already."

  2. Karel's one year contract with option is up this coming week. Any news on a renewal? It seems from the abortion of what has been on this weekend, he's reupped, sadly.

    20 years from now, society will be extinquished. Dogs should have free run of all beaches, while children should not. And more. He's screamng already and the Sunday show just started. Time for 60 minutes on CBS TV.

  3. An Open Letter to Randall Bloomquist and KGO Radio management:

    Do you people really enjoy a 2-share in the ratings? A 400,900 person cume still made of people 55+?

    Hint - get rid of that f_____g flamer Karel. He think his shit doesn't stink, period, yet, he contribuZP

    Reveloping air talent? That's YOUR job? Guess what ... it's not working at all.

    Put on Weintraub. At least he tries to be sane. Karel is just a ranting queer socialist.

    Thank you -

    John McLemore
    Pleasanton, CA

    1. Who are you? The Dave Weintraub Club president for the chapter in Pleasanton?
      Seriously. The Dude is fine in that God awful time slot. He and Rabbi Lapin have the ungodly hours of overnight radio which they deserve. Speaking of HORRIBLE radio. Did anyone catch Ethan Bearman on KGO today? I was shocked he didn't talk about the Santa Cruz crime problems and needle exchange. That's all he talks about on KSCO. Look how far KGO has fallen that they are now dredging hosts from tiny stations in Santa Cruz. Wasn't anyone from KALX available?

  4. poor 7:04 doesn't have the staying power to pay attention to a complex story. His premature ejaculations about how wrong it is to continue coverage of this mystery, show why he's no Jeff Zucker.

  5. and you are? i think not. put some jelly on that rosy right palm, pal.