Thursday, January 16, 2014

SF Chronicle's Jon Carroll Writes his 57,546th Column on Cats

 If in doubt, write a column about your cat. Jon Carroll of the Chronicle is fond of this practice, like this, for example.

Or, to be more timely, today's feline entry.


Not again! Yes.

And again. We're beginning to see a pattern here.

I have nothing against cats. They're cool. Any animal that shows true independence is a friend of mine.

I just wish Carroll broadened his repertoire. Meow. Even Morris would be appreciative.

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  1. Try not feeding it for a day and see how independent it is.

  2. Jon has to write more cat columns, with the smaller physical size of today's newspapers, it takes more of them to line the cat box. ;-)

  3. Oh yeah, I hate when someone is repetitious.

  4. At least Jon always lets you know up front that it is a column about cats (or gardening) so you can skip it.

  5. I know I am an outlier here, but his cat columns are my favorite.

  6. He is brilliant but his columns are weird and strange and his left wing slant is off putting to me.

  7. Years ago Carroll wrote a column in which he referred to Mt. Rushmore as a "Stalinist hellhole." That struck me as so bizarre and even offensive that I sent him an email politely complaining about it. He wrote me a reply that was snarky and sarcastic. I stopped reading his column after that. I've never regretted it.

  8. This would have been better without your links to past cat columns - evidence he doesn't actually write them very often. They're among my favorites of his, so I actually wish they were more frequent than a couple or so times a year. ;)