Thursday, January 16, 2014

Local TV News Managers Faux Transparency; My Duck Dynasty Bit; Thursday Quick Start

 Clearly, TV News managers here love to send out glossy press releases extolling their latest big numbers, praising coverage of natural and non-natural disasters, but they're not very good at doing basic follow-up when inquiring minds want to know. (Wink).

This is most evident when it involves the tragic circumstances of one of its reporters. Ms. Watkowski: think e-mail and phone calls. Real easy. Tremendous way to get out your side of the story. Does wonders for all of us trying real hard to get both sides. Imagine that. Tom Raponi, take note and copy and paste to your ND, the enlightened one.

*Duck Dynasty brouhaha--yours truly: In trying to parody the DD "star" and his thoughts about life, love, religion on KSCO, I attempted, God forbid, a spontaneous shot at satire, remember that? For the most part, it worked. It was funny, at least to some of you and most importantly, the guy that writes the checks and owns the place thought it was really funny and loved it. He's got impeccable taste.

In case you missed it, here's the hour for you to listen.

*Thoughts and prayers to Heather Ishimaru for a speedy recovery.

Check back later for updates.

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  1. You 'll never hear s- from Tracey Watkowsi. Too smart, and at this point up to her neck in O&O lawyers. But.....Tracey is the first ND to really F-up since Milt Weiss fired Steve Davis in the 1980's. That age discrmination action ended up in Federal Court. Weiss was tarnished and eventually forced out. The same will happen to Wat-Bitch -Ski. Rich, isn't it sad good people now get sick working for power hungry jerks? FYI, Davis was never the same after his suit. RIP.

  2. You wouldn't know satire if it hit you on your big ass

  3. Why should Tracey Watkowski respond to emails from Rich Lieberman asking her invasive questions about how she does her job any more than you or I or Joe down the street should respond to emails from just anybody asking about private matters about how they do their work?

    No one in their right mind would divulge private workplace information.

    1. Yeah, corporate damage control is so 2013. Ask the banking industry. How dare someone inquire into potentially illegal behavior by KGO. Last time I checked, California has specific laws about family leave. Beside being subjected to a private lawsuit, the State could take action against KGO/Disney. Disney hates mess so if there was a violation of state law, someone(s) is going to be shown the door. Maybe KGO needs to hire labor relations personnel. Just because you are the private sector doesn't mean you can break the law.

    2. I hope Tracey and her bitch Adrouney are shown the door. It's because of them that a lot of talented people won't even consider coming to work for KGO.

    3. According to someone I know at a biotech firm in Pleasanton, if you are a critical employee and go on leave or disability they can fire you. Hey CC, what about this?

  4. I heard the replay.

    What I heard was "the guy that writes the checks and owns the place" had Lieberman's mike turned off because Lieberman refused to stop interrupting and briefly keep his mouth shut.

    And no, that "satire" wasn't at all humorous.

    1. Really?

      And here I thought you were Rex Rude.

  5. I just listened to this, and it was summed up nicely by the second fellow when he said, "it's kind of tasteless and rude." That is spot on. In fact, if you were actually on a reputable radio station in the Bay Area (or any place else) you would absolutely be suspended at best, fired at worst. In fact, I will add that if this demo gets out to other PDs located anywhere near a major market, they will not hire you.

    To make a comment that a version of Duck Dynasty in San Francisco would involve someone doing "anal" with a postman, while then attempting to come out of the closet is beyond reproach. Your PD / Owner must have no backbone, or no concern for those types of comments. Had Rush Limbaugh done this, who was your lead in (according to you), he would 100% not be on the air this afternoon. But again, this station is of minor consequence so I doubt anyone is too concerned.

    While this would not violate a FCC rule it does violate the rules of good broadcasting. You cannot decide you are a shock jock in a moment because I highly doubt your audience (assuming there is one) expects to hear this type of radio, and that's what matters. Opie and Anthony could get away with it, but you cannot, and would not. Again, if this was a station of significance.

    Juvenile and absurd, to say no more.

    I do want to applaud the news man for saying what every other person who heard this was thinking, minus a few bigoted homophobes.

    1. Ouu!

      Yet YOU listened to it ALL and you kept listening. I love it. (wink).

      Uh, first off, it was funny and brilliant and unlike you, it was parodying at its finest. And on terrestrial radio no less and I'm quite pleased with it.

      Maybe you should go hang out with Billy the engineer or one of the Duck guys to freshen up, big man.

      Have a lovely day.

  6. Can't wait until the Food Network comes out with the Peking Duck Dynasty.

  7. I felt sorry for all the Letter Carriers in Branch 214 and Branch 1280 Rich....

  8. Rich, I had no problem with your concept of a Duck Dynasty parody. It failed for a couple of reasons and would have been unremarkable and forgotten were it not for the station's engineer breaking into the show with an outburst that was, at best, uncalled for and unprofessional.

    The parody was, as you said, spontaneous. I got where you were hoping to go: an updated "All in the Family" on the issue of homophobia. The big problem was that your key line about the son and the postman flopped right at the start because there was not enough context to support it. By itself, the line was tasteless and not funny. If you had come up with comic justification for using the phrase or a solid punch line that was satisfying and not merely offensive, the parody would have worked. Since you didn't have a fully formed idea going in, you tried to figure it out live, causing the monologue to go on too long. But finally it sounded like you were getting ready to drop it and move on. A swing and a miss.

    Then the engineer jumped in. Why? He was mistaken in his belief that what you said violated FCC rules. But even if he was right, the proper, logical and sane response would not be to yell at you on the air. He could have gone to a commercial or played a record, then consulted with the station owner, who was already in the building, on how to proceed.

    Of course, being KSCO, everybody gets their say on the air.