Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ronn Owens: Two Years Late To The Party

I was away having a tooth extraction and didn't hear him. Won't comment now because I'm going to try to listen to the podcast. Assuming KGO/Cumulus puts it up there.

I did hear the last few minutes and it wasn't a good omen so I'm not holding my breath.

I'll try to comment later.


  1. Your work is appreciated. But you can't leave your followers dangling like newspaper reporters working for a sinking ship. Details, details, details.

  2. who cares, he's a has been.

  3. Yeah, we really needed to know about Rich's tooth extraction....

  4. Poor Ronn was on today complaining that people at McDonalds want a raise. He said he had to take a 48% reduction in his pay. Poor guy. He won't retire because the world loves him too much. He doesn't want to deprive the world of his golden voice. A guy with such a massive ego should move to France. Along with Jerry Lewis. He would be the crowned prince of comedy. He could do Jackie Mason.