Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stan Bunger Clarification; Fitz on TV better than Fitz on Radio; Randy Hahn; Carolyn Johnson; Mick LaSalle; Sunday Coffee Media Notes


Note to KCBS morning anchor, Stan Bunger: using the term, "slipping" wasn't meant as a knock; in fact, to address a reader who was rightfully ticked that I insulted Bunger, but really did not: I was actually complimenting him. Specifically, his banter work with Phil Matier and Willie Brown and John Madden.

Even the best occasionally slip. The greatest hitters in baseball who fail seven out of ten times make the Hall of Fame. Bunger hasn't really slipped but stumbles every now and then. It's OK. But a knock that seemed like an insult was not a knock. I hope we can all sleep now.

*On NBC's "Meet the Press", Sunday, panelists used the phrase, "At the end of the day" about 23 times. That's not good.

*As terrible a talk-show host on KNBR as he is, and he is, Bob Fitzgerald is actually a very good, candid, qualified, and yes, frankly entertaining and informative TV PBP broadcaster on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

After a healthy dose of NFL playoffs viewing Saturday night, I watched the Warriors annihilation by the LA Clippers. The whole game, in fact. Fitzgerald made cogent points, (with good help by underrated analyst, Jim Barnett). Fitzgerald knows his stuff and is often quite accurate on the nexus of various games. And better yet, his personality, unlike the smarmy, petulant and arrogant toad he is on radio, isn't anything indicative of his Knibber habits. Bottom line: "Fitz" is a better fit for TV--radio host not so good and we've noted that many times here. And so have you other Flunkster dudedetts.

*Timing is everything: The NHL, for those of you that care, reached a deal with its locked-out players early Sunday, and will play a condensed season Jan. 19. Locally, that means the San Jose Sharks will begin pucking the ice...More importantly, one of my favorite broadcasters, Randy Hahn, (he and color analyst, Drew Remenda), will begin broadcasting on Comcast...and Hahn will guest on my radio show on Monday from 1: 30 - 2 PM PT. Please listen and participate.

*A million times worth repeating: If you're going to take shots at me, fine, do so, but step to the plate, as I do and ID yourself. The basis of this site, from time to time, is that I rip people. Occasionally I do and that's why many of you come here. But when I do rip, I'm not HIDING under some fake name or obvious pseudonym--it's ME and me only. Don't use your staff workers, your interns, to take shots. You wanna take shots, go ahead and make my day, but have the pair to come forward. Like I do.

*Monday on radio:

Carolyn Johnson from ABC7/KGO-TV
Mick LaSalle from the SF Chronicle
Randy Hahn from SJ Sharks/Comcast Sports

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  1. Glad that you are encouraging people to I.D. themselves. I've disagreed with you often, but I do so with my name.

    1. That's why you're a tool, Mel.

      Talk radio doesn't need names and the beauty of anonymity is what makes talk radio so good.


    2. Someone speaking on the radio uses there own voice and can be recognized. Unlike someone who snipes and makes personal attacks behind an anonymous post while sitting in his pajamas. The very definition of a coward.

    3. Mel.
      You are so full of poop.
      A voice is "NOT" a "Name", moron. It's "anonymous".
      What a dolt.
      Ever see that the greater majority of posters are "Anonymous"? Get over yourself, Melvin.

  2. You should get a medal if you watched it. Glad to see you on the air. Hope you have success in the new year.

  3. Even if people identify themselves, you'd still continue your practice of censoring comments.

    1. AMEN.

      He can pull rank on others like he's a voice of authority and then censors those who criticize HIM.

      Wonder what Stan Bunger would say.

      I know Stan Bunger. Rich, you are no Stan Bunger. You have fallen, not "slipped" both here with you PR self-written prose about yourself, but you hid all you don't like so you don't come off like the idiot you prove to be.

    2. Stop the censorship. You come across like some petty fool.
      Is this the hip, chic and tolerant bay area? I doubt that.
      Censorship is alive and well here.

  4. You post Fitz is good on TV,and every time - I disagree. I often have to watch the game with the mute on. First of all,Bob has never met a Warrior he didn't love,and it shows. Second,unlike with a Bill King or even Papa we dont get that (all of) KNBR host's relentless display of sports minutia and trivia "Oh,that reminded me Jim, of Bob Avocado in 88' when he and Steve Stinko were guards at Pahduka U."..just shuttup with that verbal noise.
    And of course most people are already on to Bobs Eddie Haskell split personality.
    I say- NOT good.

    1. Hmm and yet, he has done a lot of Olympic coverage on TV (and on basketball, not just peripheral sports). Contrary to what you think, there are a lot of more qualified people who agree here that he actually is good on the tube. His radio antics can be childish and off-putting, I get that and agree, but on TV he's good. Deal with it.

    2. A lot of people voted for Nixon and George Bush Sr/Jr. And more said that Hitler guy was good at what he does.
      SO what?
      Deal with that..up yore ass!

  5. I actually caught Fitz on the radio during the Holidays when he went Solo and he was actually very very good. He did a "biting" piece on USC and their participation in The Sun Bowl that had me laughing uncontrollably..

    1. And when you bring up Notre Dame,he gets a twitchy eye..

    2. And an erection.

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  7. Rich. I agree with you, if someone wants to be critical of your radio show (compitaion) don't be a pussy and hide! Keep having fun Rich!


    1. Hey, "Pam" ==

      And YOU'RE name is .....?

      You only come here to kiss Rich's ass.

      Why not tell us your name, Pammy?


      Karel Bouley

    2. Dear Pam,

      The word is "competition". Thanks.

    3. @11:19 autocorrect won. Karel. I don't owe you a damn thing! It's Pam.

    4. Pamela what's your name. You're right. You don't owe me a damn thing. Good spelling for a 5th grade word, however, would be nice. As for your name, you're right. You don't have to play by the rules. You need help you hypocrite. Why don't you go on a date since you are so infaturated with him? Thanks Pam. No soup for you. - Al Quieda, Santa Cruz

  8. I am looking forward to hearing your interview with Randy Hahn. He may be the best PBP man in the Bay Area. Randy and Drew make a great team. I am ready for some hockey! I hope you can keep up having all these great guests. The shows keep improving and they are fun to listen to.

  9. 2:25; you're a blithering idiot; you like Fitzgerald, most of us can't abide him. You're entitled to your opinion, as are all of us.You should have more respect for those with different perceptions.

  10. Fitz is just like Papa... great doing PBP and absolutely horrible doing talk radio.

  11. For people that want to get on Fitz for being a homer, please sit down and watch a couple of days of League Pass. He is far from a homer, you only need to go a little east towards Sacramento to see how different Fitz is from many of the other broadcasters. Yes he will go on and on about Warrior players, but may I remind you he is paid by the W's so he will say good things. If you went out and said bad things about your employer on the air do you think you'd have a job the next day?

  12. Hey scumbag.. I will take shots at you anonymously! You selectively post false anonymous comments.. you regularly screw up stories with no retraction, apology or acknowledgment of BAD INFORMATION! You don't even bother to call to confirm stories. These media people pretending to be your friends, aren't your friends.. they are SUCK UPS who just want to avoid you childish attacks. Anyone who stands up against your petty childish crap gets attacked. The people who talk to you are just sucking up to avoid being "flamed" by your FAT vindictive ass! BTW, you really really really suck on Radio! I listen just to laugh at your mush-mouth, lisping, spit gargle delivery. Your long rambling monologues are mind numbing. What a joke!

    1. @3:35
      You make some good points about Rich habits of:

      1) selectively posting false anonymous comments..
      2) screwing up stories with no retraction, apology or acknowledgment of BAD INFORMATION!
      3) anyone who stands up against Rich [petty childish crap] gets attacked.

      But your name-calling is unnecessary and childish and ultimately undermines whatever you have to say.

  13. Rich, If you do not welcome anonymous comments on your blog, why do you allow them? You set the rules, so it seems rather pointless for you to criticize people who are simply playing by your rules! I'm just sayin'....

    1. Hey Rich, he does have a point!

  14. Really enjoyed the interviews with Randy Hahn and Mick LaSalle and thought you were much better at NOT talking over your guests comments.