Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Q and A; Guest Line-Up for Monday KOMY Radio Show

This could be fun.

I get a lot of e-mail asking various questions. I do my best to answer all of you if I know. If I don't, then I'll give you my best guess/thought/opinion.

Saturday, (today), is a good time to open up the doors. Shoot away and try to keep it clean, as usual.

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NOTE: We launch the radio show on Monday from 1-4 PM. Here's the guest line-up:

Carolyn Johnson, KGO-TV/ABC7 News Anchor: 1-1: 30 PM PT

Randy Hahn, San Jose Sharks/Comcast TV PBP Broadcaster: 1: 30- 2 PM

Mick LaSalle, Movie critic/writer: SF Chronicle: 2-3 PM

Open Lines: 3-4 PM

To listen live, click here. Scroll down and click on the streaming audio.


  1. Does anyone know if his radio station is listenable in the South Bay (San Jose) area? I will try the station later in the car...but wasn't sure if it would have signal problems ala 910.

    1. No. The south bay is a fringe area. Lots of static and largely unlistenable in the San Jose arrea. Listen online.

  2. Instead of "Tuesdays with Darya" I'm thinking "Tuesdays with TENENBAUM". Someone get down to Russell's furniture and see if they can catch Henry.

  3. Glad you are moving to days. Now I could stay
    awake. You'll be great in this time slot. Don't
    know if the Zwerling matriach is happy, but what the hell? Michael has good instinct for
    talented people. They usually move on to KGO.
    But now it's big time to move on to KOMY or
    KSCO. Keep up the good work!

  4. Can you give me the link to Ralph interview

  5. I would like it if you could press Randy Hahn about what really happened with Marty McSorley and why he was let go. I always picked up on friction between those two.