Thursday, October 4, 2018

415 Media Flash: GM Kelley OUT at KTVU

Image result for greg kelly ktvu GREGG KELLEY OUT at KTVU AS GM; Fox/Kelly calls it a "retirement"--which is TOTAL BULL.

I call it a negotiated firing Fox telling Kelly to get out and hurry up; Kelly's management(or lack of) finally proved too much for the Foxies and morale at KTVU could not be more toxic. Kelly didn't help matters when it became widely known that he'd routinely leave the office most days at 3 'o'clock.

Yes, what a pain.

How bad did Fox want him out? Barely a month before November Sweeps.

No replacement has been named.


  1. I hope this helps getting KTVU back on their game.

  2. About damn time. Biggest (<-- actually an antonym) prick in the business. I would love to have seen a shot of him carrying cardboard boxes out to his ego-driven oversized Land Rover. You know, the most appropriate vehicle for San Francisco that reeks of confidence and has zero to do with penis size.

    1. One despised dude. In the same toxic, scum bag class, as Pero and Folsom. (These two are hated by everyone as well!) Good riddance. Hope these other two vile, sub-humans, are shown the door next...

  3. This is great news for KTVU. Hopefully they gain regain their old status.

  4. This should be a big help for the morale issues at Channel 2. Maybe the news teams can get back to a normal schedule instead of the current musical chairs situation. I've lost track of who's on when.

  5. A Good D'OH here! May Channel 2 see the only D'Ohs at their station every Sunday night, like it used to be in what is now The Simpsons' 30th year! (Only NBC's Meet The Press and 3 CBS News programs have lasted longer than FOX's most successful show ever. Woohoo!)

  6. Hope the door hits him in his bum really hard!!

    Then go down and get a new door.

  7. Bye-bye, asswipe.

  8. Chris Nohn: Cynthia Marcucci's sister?