Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Talk on the Street; Shumann Still on KGO-TV Life Support But Odds are Long; Ibanez' Leaner Deal at KTVU; Ken Wayne KRON Marriage FIRST Reported by 415 Media; Thanks SJ Merc For Old News


*Still no decision on the future of Mike Shumann at KGO. In case you forgot, Shumann was caught on video taking a Warriors' security guard's jacket; Shumann told me "it was all a misunderstanding."

Good news: Shumann hasn't been fired yet.

Bad news: Even if he's telling the truth (and I believe him) it's not a good look and Disney/ABC (which owns KGO) is all about image.

Image result for mark ibanez ktvu
Mark Ibanez
*Mark Ibanez' new contract at KTVU was considerably lower than his previous deal. Then again, at least he didn't have to go to KRON to settle a score.

*Speaking of which it was 415 Media that First Reported Ken Wayne leaving KTVU and going to KRON; thanks SJ Merc for weighing in with old news that didn't even mention an attribution. But hey, I'm just a blogger.

*Give Ibanez credit though for having a conscience --just the other week, a good friend of Mark's --who's been battling major depression, asked the veteran sports anchor to head to a local spot for some advice and comfort and Ibanez obliged--sort of.

Now that's a good guy.


  1. Since it's absolutely true Fox is cutting the salaries and perks of all the "star" talent, I don't get how Heather Holmes can command such deference; I wouldn't at all be surprised if she's sleeping with someone important, but still, is she really being treated like the Queen of Sheeba or is your source for this just FoS?

  2. Have you seen our own Sara Sidner on CNN lately? She’s been packing on the pounds. I mean she’s getting up there in Candy Crowley territory.

    1. I saw her last night giving a Trump report. She has gotten big. The neck on her was like that of a football player. But please dont compare her to Candy Crowley. She has quite a way before getting that big.

  3. Soooo in today's world ,taking something that doesn't belong to me is just a "misunderstanding"?? Does that mean tonight at work I can just take a call phone, laptop or Sunglasses on while on camera then just say it's just a misunderstanding- and expect to remain employed ?? Ummmm, yea right!!

    1. I would not be interested in a "Call" Phone.

  4. ..... Inanez obliged-sort of, what did he do, send a representative ??

  5. If HH could only drop a few pounds .....

  6. What happened to Ibanez's long pants? Did Shumann steal them?

  7. Yo, Rich---why the picture of Hollywood in the 40s? That is NBC at Sunset and Vine, not Taylor and O'Farrell.

  8. Now if he could just report accurately about the A's. This truly deep love of the Giants shows way too often in his reports on the A's. Maybe get the score, key hits and players names correctly!!

  9. Rich. A whole day dedicated to KRON (rhymes with WRONG), would be hilarious!

    Darya's exploding eggplant story OVER, AND OVER today! Oyster slurping noise was bad enough.

    In Darya's defense, she (used to be) professional in delivery and wardrobe, way back when she first joined the..'KRON-pound'.

    Ring Master Pero, runs "The Greatest Joke on Earth!"

    Would love to see a female news director take OVER! I say Pam or Catherine should apply; they're the only true professional woman anchors it seems, KRON employs.

    Poor, mild-mannered James. He's a good sport; he has a family to support. Late broadcasters like Van Amberg, are turning in their graves at this and all the other "news" outlets in the country.

    I blame the devolution of 'Happy Talk" and using sex to bring up ratings...among 'other things.

    It's as if everything's been Foxified. KTVU, KRON,'s all the same.

    I guess TeeVee "newz" is pandering to the instant gratification crowd? It's insulting.

    Admittedly, I tune in (sometimes), to see how long the morning crew can go without joking, laughing or telling lame personal anecdotes (that really aren't).

    I know you don't like Radnich, but why was HE punished for HER laughing at something during a segment Radnich was not even in?? "Hmmm. She laughed and offended some guy, she (did) apologize. I know! Let's give HER her own segment! That will teach her!"

    On a positive note, I really enjoyed your retro piece! Those were the days of REAL TALENT!


  10. Actually, Rich, Chuck Barney wrote about Wayne a second time, and the first time he wrote about the story, he did credit you. You might want to double check with him.
    And BTW, crickets are still chirping as far as current Circle7 colleagues and ex-49er teammates go about Shu. More than Disney concerned about image, think the NFL wants no more, too?

    1. I've noticed that SHOO, has been dropped/edited out, of all on-air promos.

  11. Mark Ibanez, paying tribute to the 1976 Chicago White Sox.

  12. There are no longer any "stars" at KTVU. There are only "newsreaders".
    Equal pay
    Equal billing
    Equal duties

    That's the end game.