Thursday, March 8, 2018

Circle7's ND, Trixie; It's All About Power

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IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER; She relishes it; craves it; demands it; people skills? Screw that! It's all a part of her repertoire. She'd rather be feared more than respected. She rules by intimidation and enjoys the underlings who are scared to death of her.

How does she get away with it? Because the market group has no balls. They will let her go as far as they can even to the point where lawyers are in the mix. And lawyers haven't deterred her anyway.

Trixie will continue to run things her way and if you don't like it, well, go outside, take you fat ass on the nearest Uber and have a pleasant day.


  1. embrace her power Rich!

  2. May I talk about something else besides "Trixie", since that situation is not likely to change soon anyway? Most times you say no if I wish to change the topic. My fingers are crossed today.

    What's going on with the Dr. Drew show? I like having somebody (anybody!) to listen to besides Ethan and his Neurosis du jour.
    But usually, when I hear the Dr.s show, I notice his volume remain low, and he kind of mutters in the background, whereas the volume of his lady co-host remains high and clear.
    It often gives the impression that Dr. Drew is a guest on HER

    Is he trying extra hard to be PC, and not an overbearing male? He may want to change that and become a little more bold.
    I liked it when Dr. Dean Edell used to just talk to us, for a good 20 minutes. There was never any doubt back then who was in charge of the show. "Who's The Boss?"

    I don't like that Drew has a tendency to interrupt his guests just when they get on a roll, but maybe that happens to all radio hosts being ruled by the clock and scheduled commercial breaks.

  3. Relationships and connections do help especially with any woman moving to the top.

  4. Nah, human beings are supposed to be treated as human beings if they are doing their job decently. I wonder how many professions that has become a lost art. If the two biggest personalities at KGO-TV have issues with Trixie, then this is no ordinary power trip. For any business to succeed, a group of employees must enjoy coming to work and feeling good about the work they do. The broadcasting industry is one of the last professions still holding out against this real world necessity. Disney better be listening to Ashley & Finney if both emphatically say that Trixie is not worth it, and that she should be out the door ASAP. Shame on the decision makers for not taking this suggestion, especially if Iger sides with Ashley & Finney.

  5. Ashley has a chance to define himself as THE LEADER...THE FIGUREHEAD...of the newsroom.

    He can either go to management and:
    A). Tell them Tracey has to go--she's not good for the team
    B). Tell them Tracey should stay--that she's the boss, and that the naysayers either have to ride the train, or get off.

    There is an option "C" which, if he chooses this, will reveal what type of "leader" he is: He just stays on the sidelines with an "Hey, this is out of my lane" or a "Whatever New York wants, is fine with me" shrug-off attitude.

    It's your move, Dan.

  6. Ama Daetz returned from exactly 4 months of maternity leave. Did her usual great job. Another ally for the anti-Trixie contingent?