Thursday, March 8, 2018

95.7 FM 'The Game' Limp Biscuit Morning Drive

Image result for 95. 7 FM The GameIt was the BIGGEST sports story of the week.

FM sports talkers from Philly to Phoenix burning up over Aldon Smith. On the lam. On the loose-- cops in hot pursuit. A NFL All-Pro  fugitive! So what was the home of the Raiders,  95.7  'The Game' talking about between 6/7AM, the highest audience of the day?

Some bullshit promo for the Final Four. So what's the deal? 

It could very well be morning train wreck. Mornings are the lynch pin to any radio success. Mornings are keeping 95.7 in the ratings cellar.

First, it was Townsend and the other guy . Listenable.

Then Chad, Joe, and Low. Horrible.

Now its Joe, Low, and Dibbs. Less horrible. Joe's gotta go. 

Lorezno Neal is exactly what you want from a number 2. guy--thoughtful, funny, his stories from Lemore are hilarious. Ok so he's no scholar, no anchor, who cares? Dibbs is a decent #3.

Joe Fortunbaugh, while knowledgeable, doesn't connect. Talks at you not TO you. Radnich or Tony Bruno, or Damon Bruce have the chops to pull it off. 

They also need a new morning EP. 

Shows typically open with coming up at 6:45 its Carmen Policy. Then 8:15 Bob Melvin then at 9:00 its....Joe Jock. Who gives a shit? The typical commuter listens for less than 15-minutes per show. 
95.7 time to open up the wallet to get a pro. 

I won't be holding my breath.


  1. I guess it's all personal preference but I find the only ones listenable on 95.7 is JoeF, Papa, Bonta, Bruce, and Kolsky.

    Absolutley can not tolerate, must change dial immediately....Dibs, Guru, Steinmetz, Townsend, Tittle.

    1. Mostly agree but I would switch Townsend with Kolsky. Towny is a bit a of a clowny but I still listen. Kolsky is a douche. Stienmetz...ugh!

  2. Thank God, that Prick, Ric Bucher, is long gone!!!

  3. Maybe it's because Aldon Smith is such a non-story here. He's in trouble again. So what? What's new? Sad, yes. Surprised, no. The Raiders told him to take a powder. What a surprise? Signing him was a no-brainer for the team. Why not take a chance? He blew that one huge. But in this market, it's not such a big story any more.

  4. Joe is not bad, he just repeats the same sentence at least two consecutive times, and can talk about nothing for several minutes. Tony Bruno is a bore, Bruce is ice and cold, he can ask the tough questions in a interview but then can talk about the same thing over and over again, and it's so redundant, got to change the station. Gary like what Ralph was, lazy and not follow sports like Tolbert does.

  5. Terrestrial radio is such a waste of electricity. KNBR and their talking waxos is a prime example. And now 95.7 isn't showing "game" with their dickwads. You want to talk about the NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA? Go to satellite. Now they have the Pac-12 Network too. You can get talk, music, news -- all with not so many commercials and a lot of fluff. More and more, commercial radio is growing ever so irrelevant. That's what happens when some greedy son of a bitch decides to buy multiple stations in the same market.

  6. Dibs, even a cheap suit benefits from a tailor. And when you wear it, only button one button. For a three button suit, the middle one.

  7. You forgot about The Rise Guys, who were after the initial show with Townsend. Rise Guys was the best morning show they had, actually somewhat listenable. Everything else has been pretty awful.

  8. 95.7 always "previews" upcoming guests. Whatever idiot in management thought that up is a real dummy. It's hard to listen to that station for more than five minutes at a time.

  9. Don't listen to 95.7, but it's good to hear that the Dibbler is still on the air - he keeps getting knocked down, but continues to get back up. I admire your perseverance Dibbs!

  10. Wow!! didn't know 95.7 was still on the air.

  11. Matt Kolski is absolutely unlistenable. He’s arrogant, pauses way too much, and is Bob Fitzgerald jr. Bob was his mentor, and it shows....though Kolsky is ten times worse than Fitz.

  12. SF Bay Area...WORST Sports Talk in the USA.

  13. 95.7 was unique because when it started it targeted the East Bay sports scene (A's and Raiders) that KNBR ignored. Now that 95.7 has turned into a mostly SF Giants/ Forty Niners channel, it seems to have become "KNBR Light" which isnt good. I agree that the current Morning Show is wreck, but I also agree that as an "older" listener from the East Bay I'm not in their targeted audience. Lol