Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Mysteriously Irrelevant Ronn Owens

Image result for ronn owens kgo A former star KGO Radio talk-host told me that the most important thing in Ronn Owens' life; more important than family, is money.

There needs to be a correction; the following quote from a former senior KGO producer who texted ...

"Actually, there's something Ronn cares more about than money and it's what money can't buy: recognition."

"No one knows who he is anymore (including Ronn) and that's what drives him nuts. Not having as much money as the random tech dude isn't helping." 


  1. In a word...insecure. and its a damn shame because Ron is solid.

  2. Ronn's a good guy. Went out of his way for a nobody once (me). He didn't have to.

  3. I've said several times here that I met Ronn once at a Commonwealth Club gathering. His speech was ever so slightly impaired and he was having problems walking.

    He needs to take his money off the table and enjoy life.

  4. Who listens to him. I don't. I've got a life.

  5. He's a hack, always has been always will be. When he had his 10 seconds of fame on the Stern show via a phone call, even Howard declared him a hack! lol