Thursday, November 9, 2017

KTVU Scores Big Time With Exclusive Jailhouse Interview With Ghost Ship 'Master Tenant'; '2 Investigates' EP Simone Aponte One-On-One With Derick Almena; Dramatic Video; Local TV News At Its Finest

Image result for Simone Aponte KTVU Derick Almena KTVU scored a big coup the other night with an exclusive jailhouse interview with notorious Ghost Ship "master tenant", Derick Almena.

Almena was interviewed direct from his cell at Santa Rita prison by Simone Aponte, the Executive Producer of KTVU's Investigative Unit, "2 Investigates."

Almena has been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the warehouse fire last December that took over three dozen lives.

The interview lasted over 90 minutes but was edited down to about 20 minutes --it ran its entirety on the "10 O'clock News" Tuesday night.

Image result for simone aponte ktvu
Simone Aponte
Aponte did a masterful job trying to get past the obvious emotionally-charged Almena with pointed questions and a determined, but sympathetic, approach. She's seen throughout the interview sitting calmly opposite Almena.

For dramatic effect, a camera is seen behind Aponte and just the slightest vision of a guard is viewed in the corner of the screen. Was it a bit "too dramatic?" Of course, nothing's perfect but give KTVU and Aponte credit for utilizing TV News at its best with this dramatic video.

It harkened back to the past to "Segment 2", the nightly feature which typically featured some of the old, pre-Fox, KTVU News at its finest.

A job well done.


  1. Except,being its a RUPERT MURDOCH FOX station..did they pay for the "exclusive"? As in helping his defense with funds?

  2. Agreed, a nice job, rare in the Bay Area broadcast sludge.

  3. Though no fan of this guy, I agree with him when he says why are the owners not wearing orange too?

  4. It was an excellent exclusive and I agree with 11:16's comment. The owner of the building must bear some culpability.

  5. Speaking of old KTVU, does anyone else remember the great Bob Shaw? Didn't he do some Segment 2? He was Mr Channel 2 for everything it seemed.