Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday Firestorm Coverage; Lots of Misinformation; Double Talk Extreme; Winds of Change; PIX; KTVU Ho-Hum; KTVU 'Talks Just For Talk's Sake'

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KTVU has greatly expanded its coverage of the North Bay wildfires --including extending its Noon News to past 1 PM today (Thursday) and carrying most of the press briefings --that's the good. The bad: KTVU 's anchors, including Gasia Mikaelian and Mike Mibach, often exchange multiple chatting and ad-libbing on air and so far, there's a lot of useless information--and often, bad information too. 

We've been told a hundred times about "the winds 'really picking up today'" (Thursday) and KTVU reporters and anchors had been in the forefront; only problem is the winds were relatively mild today near the fire line...Corrections were in order but the KTVU people were silent. To be fair, KTVU wasn't the only Bay Area outlet that over-reported the wind issue en masse only KTVU went on and on about it too...In fact, the winds are forecast to be fairly strong this weekend as well as temperatures heating up. Both scenarios don't bode well for the fire conditions up North. Haven't heard about that much...

*KPIX Misinformation: It helps that your reporters in the field know their geography; KPIX has excelled in its fire coverage and overall has done a credible job. But a huge issue has been evident: PIX's staple of new, mostly out-of-town reporters has been a detriment to its coverage. It's one thing to mispronounce "Cowl-lis-Toga" for "CALEE-Stoga" --ouch, Jessica Flores.

*Dumb talk: a story as big and as fluid as this one requires mass ad-libbing, no doubt; too bad most anchors don't know how to ad-lib --it requires basic thought and understanding --it's hard work, sure, but not a really difficult task. The problem is our anchors here, not all mind you, tend to talk,  just to talk. Local application: Good old KTVU, aka: The Firm. The new "We talk, talk, for talk's sake."


  1. Rich is right. I just don't have time in the am for Mike Mibach to tell me what he bought at the grocery store yesterday.

  2. As I sit here listening to KGO out of force of habit because this was the go to station at times like this, Copeland has been talking about fucking Harvey Weinstein instead of the fact that the northbay is on fire and possibly thousands of people are homeless. Come on Brian and KGO, where are you're sense of priorities!

  3. Gasia tell every story like this:

    Today in Oakland, Oh we know people, friends, who live there.

    Today in Marin, Oh we know people, friend, who live there.