Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tom Tolbert Didn't Talk About Beer Today on KNBR

I'm getting a lot of "what's with his 'I'm drinking beer' shtick every day now--It's really irritating."

Image result for beerI agree. It is.

One prominent sports anchor in the market even asked me, "he doesn't look good, is he drinking?"

Image result for Tom Tolbert KNBRI doubt it. He does like beer though and he's incorporated it into his daily repertoire --well, KNBR is all about beer and boobs, right?

some market researchI like Tom Tolbert. I don't think he's doing the beer thing for effect-- I think he's a volume beer drinker and guys driving around after selling insurance and making calls generally drink beer too. It's probably a little Tommy doing market research ; let's cut him some slack, he could always talk about his golf game. Wait a minute...


  1. Uh, yes he did. When he told his golf story from yesterday it eventually moved on to his beer consumption. Fake news!

  2. The problem w/ Tom, Gary, Mac, and others is that their total intellectual capacity is quite narrow and limited

    Fitz is a minor league trust fund baby while Brooks is a ghetto child who could barely pronounce his syllables.

    Life is never fair. ... Each one of you needs to proceed forward.

    /Forward Observer/

  3. @6:10 AKA Backward Observer

    "Brooks is a ghetto child who could barely pronounce his syllables."

    What a laugh. You're incapable of typing basic grammar, yet consider others "narrow and limited."

  4. Yes the hosts should complement each other, 1 having a more broad intellectual capacity which would fit with the other having a more "earthy" appeal, such as when the Razor and Mr T were together.

    Tolbert should be by himself as Lund is neither sophisticated or intellectual in any sense.

    Mac and Lund are DJ's wearing the cloak of sports specialists.
    Fitzgerald is another case, he's neither a well schooled broadcaster or a compelling sports host. What's left is his persona, and that is his biggest failing- he simply is unappealing to the Nth degree.

  5. Maybe if everyone stopped paying attention to KNBR, the slappies who are the on-air talent will do us all a favor and go away.

  6. Yeah, he has his pet topics, and they can get tiring, but you didn't mention his excellent interview with Steph Curry and his impending invitation on pro golf tour. Tolbert's informal attitude and background as pro athlete let athletes open up to him unlike any other KNBR host.

  7. We do need to save the Earth, though. It's the only planet with football and beer.

  8. Tolbert''s mentioning Cap'n Crunch cereal most days is a tired act, too. Between falling back on that and beer seems too fixate slack of callers on the line (i.e., lack of interest)
    You'd think his sponsors would ask for a discount on their ad dollars.

  9. even ''mason mc duffy'' craze is outdated! already!

  10. At least, with Murphy off this week, we don't have to listen to his "dramatic" readings of his commercials. And, he should stop his stupid laugh that he interjects into EVERYTHING.

  11. Most....boring....sports talk show......ever.